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I finished the draft of this drawing last month when I wanted to try to draw two different Kirin. I saw re-creation of the Kirin with the deer/unicorn a long time ago, so I put it with the Chinese Kirin/Qilin.
Chinese Kirin/Qilin usually has the body of cow, deer or horse, and the head of Chinese dragon or lion. Although they seem very fierce, they are actually very kind animals.
I like Nightmare Moon's mane , which is very suitable for making patterns of clouds. The patterns of clouds often appear on all kinds of Chinese fantasy animals.
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These look simply stunning. I'm no fan of Chrysalis but as a deer Kirin like this? AMAZING!

and Nightmare Moon looks just as breathtakingly good and cool

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Beautiful designs :D
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Ever since I first saw the Kirin ponies, I fell in love with the design
Very awesome work here
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i love kirins! i have an mlp oc who's a kirin
i dont draw them much though
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Wow, what a neat concept. Nicely done! :)
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Very unique!😉
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really cool 
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sooo pretty I wish I could do this with marker
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Amazing! Nice work here!
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this looks amazing! :D
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Ah, I love them so much!
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this is beautiful <3
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This is so beautiful. I like how it looks
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This is gorgeous, really nice work!
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I like this alot!
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I am browsing this page today and I found this wonderful work, I see that you have tried a lot, I like your style, it is so unique and I will easily recognize your work for the future.
Thank you that you are trying to provide entertainment in the form of your creativity to others.
I am waiting for more.
I greeting and hug very much.
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Off screen, Kratos watches his son Atreus drawing his arrow in yet another father son hunting trip.
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