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Officially Leaving DeviantART by BefishProductions, visual art

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Officially Leaving DeviantART

I don't use deviantART anymore. That's fairly obvious. I don't like the new updates.

I have trouble using the site. Half of what I want to use is locked behind a paywall when I don't want to support them. It's a lot. 

If you're still following me on here, and still want to support me, but haven't followed any of these platforms, here are their links! 




If you want to help support me and my job, I obviously take commissions and also have a Patreon.

You'll be able to find those all on my Twitter. 

If there are any commissions you weren't able to save that I made that are now stuck in my storage, please contact me on Twitter. I MAY have it. But I know I don't have everything in my storage, and I've lost a lot of my old files on my computer.

I'm not deleting the account. But like I said. I'm moving everything to storage. And I'm not uploading anymore. 

Thanks everyone for supporting me. This was such a nice website for so long, and basically the jumpstart to my career. It means a lot to me. But I just feel bad everytime I open it up, and I never look at it, pretty much.... ever. I feel pretty bad when I open it up and I have notes I havent seen for like half a year.