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January 7, 2010
The suggester says, "Letter from silent heaven by *Beezqp is very powerful. The photographer captured such an amazing atmosphere".
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Letter from silent heaven

Krakow, a playground somewhere in the end of the city...

The deviation won the Obscure Contest:…
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Let me begin by saying what a wonderful piece this really is. From the daily deviation page, the thumbnail looks a little bit less than satisfactory, and now I'm so pleased that I took the time to look. I'll start with the front of the photo and move backward.

The first thing I noticed with the large view of the photo was the horse in the foreground. The second thing I noticed was the lack of a second horse on the bare spot on the ground. It looks like there should be one, but for some odd reason, there just isn't. The obvious use of a 2D figure to create a 3D object (by a third party, clearly, <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" /> ) makes you think a little more and notice one more detail every time you look at the photo. The last thing I noticed about the horse, but perhaps the most striking, is that it appears to be staring straight into the camera lens. It adds to the eerie feeling of the scene.

The angle at which the photo was taken, with the fence protruding from the side, rather than the corner, and being just another object in the scene, instead of the main "enclosure," if you will, plays with the subconscious of the viewer, as if saying, "I am here, but only partially. I will not protect you if you do not give yourself to me completely."

The color difference between the two swingsets being the only immediately noticeable difference seems as if they're sort of... Encroaching on the person standing with this scene, or, in the photo sense, the viewer. The tarnished top bar and the slightly twisted metals on the toys give the illusion of being well used and loved, but abandoned. The playset in the back of the photo is perfect exactly how it is--unused, and fading away like it will never come back.

The detail of the tree in the center of the photo draws attention to the dimension of the scene, and the fact that those details fade away the farther back the tree is from the camera adds that sense of fog, like one could hardly see enough to travel 100 feet without falling on his own two feet. That brings it to the archetypes of things that obstruct vision, like fog, or a dense forest, which, it is implied, this one may be.

To finish up, the color, grain, and touching of the photo gives it a certain surety of is happening. The thought that comes to mind from this overall scene (I will confess, at the risk of sounding childish) is the scene in the beginning of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when Harry has just left the Dursley house and is walking, with his trunk, unaware that the Knight Bus is about to come, and the dog, the "omen," is beginning to come out of the shadows. It is dusk, the merry-go-round is spinning, and the swings are empty and creaking.

It was obvious to me what this photo entailed, even before I saw that you had put it in the "Horror and Macabre" category. Overall, this piece is very well done, and I congratulate you on the daily deviation. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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Holy crap I thought this was a touched up screencap from the game; nice work!
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I can hear it now...
"...Actually, I'm looking for a childhood friend of mine. We used to hang out at this playground all the time when we were kids. The other day, he called and said he was in some kind of trouble... but this is not the town I remember from grade school. There's something very wrong here in Silent Hill. I think I felt it back then, but I had no idea..."
(just roleplaying the scene you snapped :P )
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wow, is wonderful :)
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if you listen to silent heaven from silent hill 2 this makes the picture seem that much more eerie

i just LOVE the fog in this shot well done :)
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thanks! yes, the SH sondtrack is awesome... wish I had it played somewhere in the background that day I made this picture, it would be just magic
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The coloring is really good.
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i'm here because you win the Obscure contest with this picture.
I know i'm late for it, but this is your prize: [link]

I hope you like and congratulations again :hug:
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Your fantastic work is featured here [link]

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The OBSCURE Contest's winners are in my journal, check out them! :dance:
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Hey! Congratulations for the DD, your photo really deserves it :D
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Nareszcie doceniony :D
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i would stay all the time just staring to this photo
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This makes me think of Silent Hill, and I LOVE IT!
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Wow, very menacing, good work :)
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Wygląda jak scena z Sillent Hilla O_o Brrrr...
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Instead of the picture reminding me of the scene in the third Harry Potter movie, the prisoner of Azkaban, it reminded me of the Dharma village in LOST... if only it had this type of atmosphere when we first saw that strangely... yellow village.
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I love this kinda depressing atmosphere...just as people said, in a good scary movie, but that's exactly what makes me wanna go there.
It looks so quiet and calm...
this is actually probably one of my mostly liked favourites ever!
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So very Silent Hill.
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