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Party Jetpack (EqD ATG 1) by BeeZeroOne Party Jetpack (EqD ATG 1) :iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 5 0
That's not right. No, not right at all.
I could have sworn that was right, but it isn't.
Just delete a few things here, shift things around there…
Still not right! What's wrong with it?
That's not it, nor is this, or that, or that.
But something's wrong.
I think.
What do you think?
Come on, you can see it as plainly as I can, and I'm sure you can see what it is.
No, not that.
Don't lie to me!
That's exactly what you think?
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 1 5
The Sky's Orchestra
        The sky's orchestra conducted the weather into a cacophony of rain and thunder, as we sheltered in the flimsy hut.
        "At least it's warm in here," I lied, turning to Elle. She curled herself up in the one-roomed building's only chair, her blank eyes staring through the broken windows.
        The water held dormant so long in the clouds, hanging and drooping like the gardens of Babylon, had finally given way, forming a millions-strong army that launched freezing cold spears against the roof of the hut. Some of them managed to break the line of defence, and water slowly but steadily leaked onto the hut's wooden floor.
        Elle continued to stare. Where she was looking, the world as we'd known it no longer existed. The storm had torn it apart, not immediately, but as the army assaulted, driven by the score of a m
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 4
The Alton Doctors, Evil by BeeZeroOne The Alton Doctors, Evil :iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 7
All I can tell about this place is that it’s dark. Really, really dark.
The last thing I can remember? Let me try and think… now, it can’t have been at the shops. No, there was definitely more after that. What happened? I left the centre, headed down the street. But then what?
There were a few drones in the street, no humans. Well, no flesh-and-blood humans, anyway. Couple of other cyborgs perhaps, but they were cloaked well if they were there. The scanners didn’t pick anything up, so they must have been using a jamming signal.
What am I going on about? It’s not worth trying to explain that to you. I mean, you don’t know anything about prosthetics, right? You’re flesh and blood, for sure.
How can I tell?
It’s your breath. It’s not regular, not controlled. Natural.
Anyway, so the street was clear, I think. But it wasn’t so clear when I left my home. No, back then it was bustling with people, even a few with real bodies. I still don’
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 4
The Frozen Domain by BeeZeroOne The Frozen Domain :iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 3
Colossal March
Hear that, Jane?
Yes, that’s the sound of it right there… thud, thud, thud. Well, either it’s that, or there’s an earthquake happening.
Hmm, an earthquake. Wouldn’t be too far off the mark, really, would it?
Oh, don’t play dumb with me. You know what’s coming. You were here last time. You survived.
What’s past is past, I guess. But you never know. It might be different this time. The next village survived last time, didn’t it?
Look, don’t be so scared; it was going to happen eventually, right? I mean, we were always in its path; it always passed through here, all those years ago, before it was knocked to sleep.
Shame the sleep wasn’t permanent.
It’s getting closer. Can’t be more than a few hundred miles now. Woops, there goes the mountain. Damn, I was going to climb it next week.
There, look, that shape? That’s it. I can feel it. Couldn’t be any of the others, not that big at that distance. Well, I suppose if it
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 0
Lost somewhere
Forget all about it. Go on, it never happened. Let your mind drift off, to someplace else, some other time, into somebody else. If you do, this world may cease to exist; just vanishing, off the face of reality. At least, that’s the way it will seem to you. But we’ll go on living, somewhere other than where you are, even if you forget us. And one day, you might remember us for who we are; what we are.
I’m just sorry we had to see you go this way, but there’s nothing that can be done now. I can already tell, you’re too far gone; perched on the limbo, and leaning the other way. You want to stay, I can tell, but I don’t know what would happen if you do. Only time will tell what you have in store; but we… no, I, will never forget you. You left your mark here. I just hope it remains in this world as you leave; if it doesn’t, you’ll be lost forever, gone somewhere where I can never find you again. Don’t let that happen, please. That’s my
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 0
I sit here waiting for the event that will shake up my life forever. I don’t know where I’m going, why I’m going there, or what will happen when I arrive. I just know that it’s all been building up to this. I’m not sure if I’ll survive after it happens though. A few friends have done this before me, but I haven’t seen them since. Maybe there’s something so great there, they never wanted to leave. Or something so terrible, so mortifying, that they can’t.
No, it’s best not to think like that. I have to keep calm about this but I can’t, it’s so close now that I can feel it, and my heart’s beating like a road drill. Funny really, I never got nervous about anything like this before. Maybe my nerves just thought they’d save themselves for now, you know, just to surprise me. I guess that’s a nice idea.
Well, next in line. Here goes nothing. Come on world, hit me with your worst!

And nothing.
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 0
I found myself presented with three possible choices; each claimed to be the one I wanted. But how could I tell which one was real, the others fake? They all seemed so inviting, with their promises of greatness. Their promises that they could bring me what I desired.
But all of their promises, empty. They’d lost meaning, rolled out countless times, over and over again. Whatever they had meant to say had been repeated to the point that nobody cared. The lack of emotion didn’t seem to make a difference; people still went, driven by whatever desires they had. The giants who ran the businesses, laughing all the way to the bank, and abandoning their latest victims.
But I felt wisdom calling me, and I turned away. I kept my money safe, no, I used my money for what good that could be done with it. I didn’t feed the machine with it; I felt myself above that.
But one of the promises was genuine, and I’d walked away from it. The missed opportunity remained there for years, an
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 0
Oh crap, it’s onto me. I can hear it. Why did it have to come now? Why couldn’t it have waited until I was in a position to react?
Okay, calm. Calm. I need to figure out a way to escape, but how? The buzzing is everywhere now, it’ll find me wherever I am. A tree, yes, a tree. That’ll be safe. Okay, I’ll try this branch – ack! What’s this tree made from, paper?
No, not the tree. That won’t work. It’s closing in on me now, and I can taste it. The presence is everywhere. If it gets back into my mind, I’ll lose my sleep, forever. I’ll be a walking zombie. That’s what happened to John, and he ended up in mental rehab. No, come on. I can’t let it feed off my psyche like that… how many people has it got already? Tens? Hundreds? Did it go through the whole town before it got here?
No, no, come on, can’t think like that. Just gotta keep running. I could try the river, can it cross water? Strong current. Here it comes, do
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 0
John was tired. Too tired to sleep. He’d never been sure how that worked; it just did. Yawning, he rolled over in his bed, putting his back to the cold wall to see if that helped. It didn’t, and after a few minutes more he rolled out of bed, rubbing his eyes and staring around.
It was this incessant buzzing sound, he’d decided, that was doing it; but nobody else in the house could actually hear it. Every night it kept him awake, and every morning he was told he just had insomnia. Even when he’d started taking sleeping pills it was still just the same, and he ended up even more tired the next morning.
Time to find out what the hell it is, he thought, slumping onto the soft carpet. The night time whispered at him, telling him not to go, but he pulled a dressing gown around him and grabbed a torch. Trying to follow the noise, he crept out of the bedroom, pushing the creaking door away from him. In the darkness, the torch beam filtered like a stick of fire throug
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 1 0
Hello? Is there anybody reading this? I hope so. If there isn't this will have been a wasted effort on my part. I am of course addressing you, the reader, at the moment. You may confuse these words for the words of an author, but they aren’t; they are, and always have been the words of a character. I am the character in this story.
Some may suggest, then, that I effectively am the author, for did the author not fabricate the character? This is what’s plagued me for a long time. I know I’m a character, in a story, contained in these words you’re reading right now. And I’m thinking these words as I write them, but I don’t feel like I’m specifically typing the words myself. I’ve honestly lost track of my existence in this world; and my existence in your world is even less certain. At best, by understanding is sketchy.
But I’m thinking. I think, therefore I am. I can feel, I can feel the keys beneath my fingers now, and I can feel the wor
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 7
I’m not sure why, but I feel like I’m under stress at the moment. It could just be nerves, well, that’s what most people say to me. But they don’t really know the truth. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’ve tried to draw what few conclusions I can from the evidence I’ve gathered. Come closer. No, closer than that. I want you right here where I can see your eyes, the manic look in them, when you discover what really happened on the night of June the Third, 2007.
So, it started pretty normally: I was just walking home from another day at the office – you know how it is here – in the nicer streets, quiet and warm, the summer breezes just picking up to the way they should be. As I was walking past the park (why is it always a park?) I spotted something I shouldn’t have on reflection; it was a young woman, surrounded by falling blossom, standing by the lake. And as I walked by, thinking she was simply enjoying the view, she dived in, full
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 3
I stopped walking instantly as I spotted the huge wrought iron door looming in front of me. I could have sworn it wasn’t there 5 seconds before, but there didn’t seem much point in complaining about it; it took up the whole corridor I was trying to walk through. Reaching out my barely visible hand, I pushed it open and walked through. Inside was nothing but darkness until a single flame lit up to my left, solitary and tired.
The dim shadows it cast told me there was a table in the middle of the room; looking back at the bright, empty street, I walked further into the dim room. The door shut itself behind me, clanging against the frame in anger. The table’s shadow danced in the light, beckoning me towards it. Turning to the left, I saw the candle was following me, suspended by… nothing? That’s what it looked like, but I guessed there must have been a wire of some sort suspending it. Somewhere, anyway. But never mind; there was a piece of paper on the table, yell
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 1 7
Sarah sat alone, perched on the edge of a short wall that overlooked the river. In the sunrise it glowed yellow, the soft light giving everything around a hazy look. She sighed and leant back, lying on the dewy grass. She lifted an arm, held it up against the distant sun; the silhouette glared back at her, not hers any longer.
She tried to remember what had actually happened that left her here, but her mind was as hazy as the morning air; little clouds of insects buzzed incessantly over the water, spinning around in confusion.
As the sun rose higher, she let her mind wander in the hope that it would find an emotion, a memory. Something she could feel, and feel like it was real. She knew she was living in a dream world anyway, so her memories would have been far more real than this. If she actually had any, that is.
Eventually her mind stumbled across something in the darkness, presenting it at the forefront of her brain. All at once her senses were taken over by the event, consu
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 0 2

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Mistic Morn by kesuf Mistic Morn :iconkesuf:kesuf 414 55 Just In Case You Fall by thealchemistchamber Just In Case You Fall :iconthealchemistchamber:thealchemistchamber 1,396 294
One Fine Day
Jan was late for work.
She gulped hot coffee and wolfed down a dry slice of wheat toast as she bolted for her Subaru, briefcase and shoes in one hand, newspaper in the other. She slipped her seatbelt on while she backed into traffic, swerving expertly to avoid the mailbox while adjusting her makeup in the rearview mirror. Jan had raised late-for-work to a high art.
She was easily exceeding 50 in a 35, but that was part of the routine. She perused the paper and finished her coffee while downshifting for a yellow light.
That's when she saw the blue lights in her mirror. Shit.  She pulled over abruptly, slammed the Subaru into neutral, and banged her head on the steering wheel.
"Ma'am, do you have any idea how fast you were going?”
"Yes, yes, but I was very late for wor--"
Anger died in her throat, clotheslined by confusion as she struggled to understand what she was seeing. Standing politely at her window was a uniformed Southwestern Bell telephone installer. Craning her n
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 9 25
Unfinal Solution
Jim and Dave shuffled down the street in the hot summer sun.  Occasionally they would encounter an obstacle, such as a shopping cart, corpse, pile of trash, or burned out car. Depending on the size and nature of the obstacle, their zombie intellect would kick over into high gear, and a conversation such as this might ensue:
“Rains!  Rains!  Raaaaaaaains1….”
If the object was large, such as a chunk of flaming airplane wreckage, Jim and Dave would do the Zombie Shuffle around its perimeter, sometimes bumping into each other and the obstacle itself.  On rare occasions, the not-quite-cooperative maneuvering deflected them from their original direction of movement, which was entirely random anyway.
If the obstacle was small or spread out (like the 2000 individually-wrapped packages of toilet paper they’d encountered yesterday, rolling and skittering before their tattered
:iconralfmaximus:RalfMaximus 192 148
The Grammar Gangsters
Beware the grammar gangsters!
The mafia of the literary underworld.
They saunter into stanzas,
Weapons concealed
Under their trench coats
Or in violin cases.
They can make you talk,
"With just a few well-placed speech marks,"
Leave you shouting! Where you should have whispered!
And pulp your bold statements into quavering questions?
They can, pepper, your, phrases with, commas,
Or bring your piece to a dead.
They'll trap you (between brackets)
As you - dash - to the exit.
Then: punch a blunted colon
Into the gut of your text
Or worse;
Force-feed you a poisonous semicolon,
Then hack/slash your work to shreds.
The grammar gangsters
Never leave survivors.
Readers discover the victims
In the back alleys of the library,
Left unfinished,
In a tommy-gun ellipsis...
:iconcyberphantom:CyberPhantom 682 509
The Scarlet Flower by Pr3t3nd3r The Scarlet Flower :iconpr3t3nd3r:Pr3t3nd3r 4,353 595 On the Edge - wallies by Pr3t3nd3r On the Edge - wallies :iconpr3t3nd3r:Pr3t3nd3r 695 95 God is Speaking to Me by Akajork God is Speaking to Me :iconakajork:Akajork 1,327 337 Anamnesis of estivation by alexiuss Anamnesis of estivation :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 8,861 886 Cradle by Pr3t3nd3r Cradle :iconpr3t3nd3r:Pr3t3nd3r 1,925 425 Solaris Autumn by alexiuss Solaris Autumn :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 12,706 837 Center of USSR by alexiuss Center of USSR :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 5,211 735 Fire Mage by alexiuss Fire Mage :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,617 393 Thunder by alexiuss Thunder :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 3,455 568 Fairyland by Pr3t3nd3r Fairyland :iconpr3t3nd3r:Pr3t3nd3r 194 99



Benjamin Hall
United Kingdom
Hey there, anyone out there who might read this. It's been a while since I posted a journal here, huh? :D

So, this year's NaNo just ended, and I won it with my biggest word count yet (90,099 :D) and a completed novel, "Anticlockwise". It was a very fun one to write, starting out conceptually as a sci-fi and ending up as a completely insane time-manipulation fantasy. This year felt far more involved for me than last year, and I'm really happy with how the first draft came out. It's just been a whole lot of fun, especially with all the awesome people over in #NaNoWriMo (especially KisayaMyst for being all-round amazing with giving away points for word wars, organising 2-hour uberwars and feedback sessions, and generally being the everpresent mod in the chatroom. You're awesome Kisaya! :D). I don't think I'd enjoy NaNoWriMo nearly as much without that chat, and the word wars are just what I need to keep me motivated.

I'm also intending on embarking on a strange and arduous journey of reading, which would be reading all of my novels in the order in which they were written. All of them are still first drafts, and five of them have been written during NaNoWriMos, so it should be an interesting experience to say the least.

I also may have some traditional art to post here soon (been a very long time since I've done any of that) and possibly a few excerpts from this year's novel, so stay tuned for those.

And congrats to all those out there who participated in NaNo! :)

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