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Just a Little More Continues...


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Skylar Beach Resort Growth Sequence 1 of 6!! 4K by Beetlebomb

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Skylar Beach 03 1080p by Beetlebomb

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Its Hot Outside! May We Join You? 1080p by Beetlebomb

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June 2021 Patreon Exclusive - Panel 1 by Beetlebomb


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JLM 2 on gum road when?

Beetlebomb's avatar

By the end of this month!!!

Hi Beetlebomb.

i just want you to know that i really enjoy this story, but what i like the most... is the fact that rebecca has a true love and respect for scott and he respond to her feelings. Other stories made the girl want another man because he's little now, lose interest or just because "she thinks ,she can get any man she wants". But not here, i'm glad that they still together and happy with their relationship.

i think it will be great if scott, show some worry about rebecca and not just think "yeah, bigger the better", i mean yeah... it's great but it will be perfect that for the sake of her health or their relationship he'll put aside that carnal desire for a moment to think "what is better for Rebecca".

It's just my idea, but hey... it's your story... and i like it already.

sorry for my english, i speak spanish xd

Beetlebomb's avatar

Hey, Soreteman! Thank you for the kind words. I really enjoy that aspect of Scott and Rebecca as well. The issues that arise in chapter 2 may force Rebecca and Scott to put their apprehension in order to grow more for the safety of others. All that is unfolding now :)

Hi Beetlebomb.

I read your work Just A Little More. And do you know what unexpected emotions she caused me? Laugh, very huge and long laugh. I just yelled out loud. :D:D:D

It happened like this: I read your work and come across pages 168-178. At first I thought that somewhere I had already seen it. And then, when I opened drawing 179, I was just in shock, in a very pleasant shock. I decided to specifically double-check on the Google map - the main places are completely identical (with the exception of cut trees, removed road signs, some small shops and the time of shooting).

So: as the city you, the author, chose my hometown. As a panorama, you have chosen Kharkivska street, Sumy, Ukraine.

You can see for yourself. I still do not believe in such a wild coincidence. And I really liked your work, and now after my investigation, it is now my favorite.

P.S. Sorry for my English.ул.+Даргомыжского/@50.9034185,34.8109274,3a,75y,85.62h,79.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1skx5EGRE7wWkPN32rG4fWgw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x4128fe0992cc9d75:0xf1432ee383f86bc0!2z0YPQuy4g0KXQsNGA0YzQutC-0LLRgdC60LDRjywg0KHRg9C80YHQutCw0Y8g0L7QsdC70LDRgdGC0Yw!3b1!8m2!3d50.8889263!4d34.8650635!3m4!1s0x412901f5d4df21d3:0xb6628c37af345fd5!8m2!3d50.903009!4d34.811657

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Hey, Lambo! Omg, you are right! That is amazing. :) It is destiny! Thank you so much for enjoying my stories!

Her boob looks like a super squishy stress toy beyond the point that something would be expected to bug out of it.

Ho fu.. amazing view grow and grow =P=P (Milk)=P=P

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fantastic work as always!

Beetlebomb's avatar

Thank you very much, biguns! Hope you are doing well, my friend :)

So excited, what asset did you use for the squeeze effect?

Beetlebomb's avatar

My own asset :)

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Thanks, EpicMynd88 :)

EpicMynd88's avatar

you're welcome

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