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There's a bunch of options available for you guys. Voiced tutorials of my editing process. One on one coaching and lots more. 
Check it out here:

Thanks guys
Then head over to my Facebook page!! 
I've been posting some before/after images there.. I've also listed the techniques I use. Check it out! 
Right here:
 Beethy Photography

- Artists Feature - 

If there's any artists out there.. Please draw any of my photos!! You don't need my permission :) 
So long as you don't make any money off it, it's all good. Just send me a note or a leave a message here when it's done. 
Works done so far: 

Ergo Proxy (from Beethy's photo) by kolobokoKassandra by JacklionheartEllie by JoshuaFDTSYoko Littner by BABAGANOOSH99beethy~~ by hikaru7321  Pokemon: xThunderbolt as Touko Hilda by whitesasuke   

I don't wanna spam you guys every week with new links, so this'll be the last time I'll do this for a while until I get some kinda big name cosplayer on or something. 

I'm open to feedback and all that. And remember, you can submit your own photos to appear on my show. 

Also.. I will be at PAX Australia next weekend! 
Peace out :) 
Here's the latest episode:…

You can submit your own cosplay photos here:…

It's a fun little show in which I try to get some of the biggest and best people in the cosplay photography world to try and point out issues and problems in photos that other costogs submit! 

It will be weekly. 
So if you'd like your work reviewed by us, just submit your photo via the form. 

You should try to:
- Instantly listens to quick prompts / direction.
- Be open to any critique mid or after shoots!
- Have a decent understanding of what the photographer is looking at (light/framing)
- Pose naturally and (if in Cosplay) act in character .
- Be confident for the duration of the shoot.
- Avoid being self concious.
- Be aware of the direction of light (to avoid unflattering shadows, etc)
- Loosen up! Literally. Shake your limbs and relax your muscles from time to time.
- Avoid squinting. If the sun is too bright you will naturally squint. Close your eyes and ask the photographer to do a count down.
- Throw ideas at your photographer. Be creative.

So there you go.. If you want to make life incredibly easy for your photographer try and nail the above points.
While I'm shooting I need 100% trust from my subject. I also can't have anyone disagreeing with my requests however odd they are (unless I ask em to do something dangerous, lol).
This completely breaks my creative flow and mindset.. and can often take a while to get back.

I hope this helps somewhat. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me here. I'll try my best to help.
If it were up to me I'd do at least 1 shoot per week!
Creative juices are flowing like crazy.

Just a FYI for you Sydney folk. I'll be at mini Animania this month!
If you'd like to shoot with me.. send me a note! If I like your costume or concept then I'll probably be willing.

See you all there.
This guy gifted me 3 months premium membership yesterday but that's not why I'm writing up this entry. This shit is long overdue.

Most Sydney people or Australians are probably already aware this guy exists. But not many people outside of that field do. WELL THATS GOTTA CHANGE SON!

Andy came outta goddamn nowhere, seriously. He was just suddenly, well, there. At pretty much every con for the last year or so.
He is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He isn't snobby and elitist (unlike some people we know, mainly me).. and his photos kick absolute ass.
Seriously, nearly everything that Andy uploads is golden.

My work has been at a bit of a decline for a while now, but seeing his photos makes me glad. I kinda see the fun in cosplay again, the playfulness. It's not about who's the best or any of that shit.
I'm hoping to get back on track too.
If it wasn't for dudes like him, I might have walked away completely and never looked back.

Oh and, here's some links to his pages:

And if you'd like to work with other great Australian cosplay photographers I can recommend these:
Meryl Huang:

That's it. Australia sadly doesn't have too many people who pump out high quality stuff. But these 3 will ALWAYS get insane results.
Say hi!
I just admire Yuuri-K and Yuuri-C so much.. So I'm spreading the word!
For the first time ever, they're doing commissions.

They're both two amazing human beings that shine a ridiculous amount of positive light on the cosplay community over in the US. Support them! :)

Also.. I will be going to Melbourne (thanks to my awesome friend Jo)  from the 10th of August to the 12th. If anyone is keen on shooting with me and has an interesting concept, send me a note!
Cheers <3
First of all.. I didn't expect to gain so much appreciation over this piece.
From all over people have expressed how they feel about it. People have gone into large detail on what they like about this.

I want to talk about anxiety in general and how the image came about.

3 years ago I was hit hard by the disorder. It was so bad I got suicidal at points. Not the attention starving kind. Seriously contemplating it. Life was hell.
To someone who hasn't experienced it. I'll try and describe it from my own experience and point of view.
At any random point in the day I can get these attacks. During these attacks I'm overwhelmed with the feeling of imminent death. No rational thinking can erase the thought or feeling. Imagine having a gun held to your head. And you know it's going to go off. You just don't know when. That's what happens when I experience an attack.
I get these daily.
I hide it well from people around me. By just walking away. Or keeping to myself a lot.

How did this affect my life?
It crippled it for a long time. I couldn't work any longer. My sleeping pattern was all over the place. Often would go without sleep.
I lost friends. Close friends.
I slowly started to feel like a vegetable. Like I wasn't alive.

Psychologists and doctors realise cognitive behaviour therapy is ineffective for me.
I refused medication. I had done research and did not like the sound of the adverse affects.

Fast forward 3 years. 7 weeks ago from today.

I was running out of answers. My life was at a standstill. I had become fat. Unhealthy. Not fun.
Everything was bleak. Dark. No future! No romance. No goals.
I just existed like a parasite.

I started using anti depressants. While using large amounts of sleeping pills. To avoid those moments where I'd feel borderline insane.
I was hopeful that these pills could fix me! The side effects were bad. Needed more sleeping pills to get sleep. No hunger. No drive. Even more empty than before! But I stuck with it.


4 weeks ago.
I nearly died.
Turned out I took 3 sleeping pills. Entered a delirious state. Then took a total of 8 more. Enough to kill.
I woke up feeling like hell.
Opened my medicine drawer. It was emptier looking. 0 sleeping pills. Few anti depressants.
I'd never come that close to death ever. In my entire life.

I decided to kick all drugs. And face my problems on my own. Learn to live with em.
Withdrawals on sleeping pills were dreadful. Was awake for 3 days straight. Eventually passed out.

The anxiety and depression? Still got em. And they'll be around for the rest of my life.
But I'll deal with it.

The creative process helps.
The idea of the image is something that's been twisting and turning in my subconscious for a while.
I'm glad I got to realise the image.
I'm glad other people with anxiety understand it.

I'm ready to take my photography further.
To keep growing.
To make more friends.
To live.

I'm not dead. And I'm glad.
Life is wonderful. Just need to know where to look.

ATI 6970
Perfect for gaming!
Selling it for 120 AUS Dollars. Brand new it's 230 bux.
Very excited to see you all there
I haven't seen you guys in forever

Give it a read :) Might be interesting for some of you. You'll learn more about me.
====Awesome news, etc=========
First of all .. here's the Kotaku link:…

So happy I got featured there and got mentioned alongside BigWhiteBazooka and LJinto. Both who I greatly admire. :)

So the Borderlands 2 shoot was massive fun.
I answered a bunch of questions on Reddit here for the curious:…

Now onto the other bits of good news..
Firstly I'm excited that Gearbox is taking a liking to the photos. This means a great deal to me as I'm a massive fan of what they do.
And I had a phone call with the Official Playstation Magazine Australia and they'll print my Borderlands stuff.

So much is happening at once.... and I feel super goddamn grateful. I literally would not have been able to do any of this stuff if it wasn't for all the people around me. My good friend Tim.. My muse Yasemin. Chris.. Ryan... And Newton (who was an absolute god on the day of the shoot, seriously)
And well.. Everyone else who's been following my work for the past few weeks, months or years even.

Thanks a lot everyone.

Lastly.. here's an awesome cosplay photo that deserves much more credit:
Dragon Age Origins: Mage Origin by HayleyElise

========Borderlands 2=========
I'm very excited about this!
In a few days time I'm doing a shoot with Vera-Chimera as Lilith from Borderlands 2. What's super cool is that she's actually in the game itself too!
This is my first shoot of this kind.
A brand new trailer got released here:…
You'll see her at the end
Anyway.. Please go give her dA account some love and that.
If any if you are redditors you'll see her post there tomorrow (IAMA)

Good shit good shit !!!!

Some of my new watchers may have noticed how I've been asking you why you watch me.
Thanks so much for actually replying . You have no idea how important this is to me.. as it gives me a clear idea of why my images somehow got people interested.

Anyway.. If there's anything anyone wants to ask me. Literally anything at all. Go ahead!

I'll answer every single question!!

For reasons unknown, Animania and their representative Wakaleo have had a change of heart and decided to lift the ban.
I'll be honest. I was glad when I found out.
What this means is that I will be at SMASH!, Supanova and both Mini Animania and Main Animania this year!
I will not take any bookings as I'll just go for fun.. like in the old days.
Hang out with friends. Take photos of cool looking people!
Simple and fun.

See you all there!

Also.. I present to you my favourite cosplay photo this month!
Bleach: Crush the World Down by Astellecia
This is how it should be done! Please comment/favourite/drool
Please watch this:…

This is a massively big deal.
Please spread the news.

This can affect our future generations.
Corporations are trying to take control of the free flow of information.
Fight back!
Show me some of your favourite photographers/cosplayer/artists.
Especially the ones with not so many pageviews.... I wanna check out some good stuff!
See you there

The next con

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 6:42 AM

Supanova... I think...
An old friend has offered to pay for my weekend ticket so I'll show up for sure.
I'll be there to hang with friends and to meet new people :)
I also want to talk to ones I haven't had the chance to at earlier cons.
It'll be nice and relaxing.
I will have my camera with me for some casual chill shots.

See you all there

Much love,


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 27, 2011, 2:44 AM

Most people who watch me are creative people so you will understand this perfectly!
You know that rush that just flows over you once you've actually made something you're proud of?

Amazing is the word I can think of to sum up the con experience... I felt so much love from everyone towards me. I am thankful you all remind me how appreciated I am in this world.. Because .. well.. Sometimes I can forget.
I am extremely grateful for all the friends I've made over the last few years because of getting involved in the cosplay community.
Thanks everyone and see you at mini animania!

My friend

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 24, 2011, 5:15 AM


My best friend has left the country.

This is long overdue.

You are the reason why I took up photography.
I was a mediocre artist doing average uninspired doodles... Sure I was proud of it.. but looking back it was nothing special.
Then you let me borrow your at the time modern digital camera. How I loved it!! I could press the button and the image would be captured forever. I was 24.
I didn't take it seriously at the time... but it was YOU who told me there was something great in there. It wasn't obvious but you saw it.
Throughout the years you gave me the drive to take my camera with me wherever we went and take photos.
I ended falling in love with it and with it falling in love with the images presented to me by this world.

I never was the richest person.
Neither did I ask for much.
But you kept believing in me.
You gave me my first dSLR as a present, I couldn't be more happy.
I went out and started experimenting.
I started looking up to other photographers and getting influenced by them.
You let me take a thousand photos of you. We both enjoyed it.
I was very lucky to have a beautiful and cool looking person as a subject readily available at all times!

-The photos I took of you are STILL the ones I treasure the most. They are the most personal and the most meaningful-

Because of all the practise I had with you I flirted with the idea of getting in touch with others to shoot with me. You told me GO FOR IT! I was nervous. You said YOU ARE GREAT NOBODY WILL SAY NO.
You gave me the confidence. You were right! If I ask with the right energy and inspiration nobody will refuse to work with me on something beautiful.
Years went on and I purchased more and more gear and worked with more and more people... I Loved it.

I found what many people dream of.
My passion!!

I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for you.
I am eternally grateful.
As your parting gift you left me your dSLR... I cannot be happier right now.

I will miss you so much!!
You are the most kind and giving person I have ever met in my entire life.
I hope your travels give you everything you rightfully deserve.

~my photos of sorrywasntlistening, chronologically~

70-2 by beethy   i've been here a while by beethy   my grid by beethy
humping unicorns by beethy   hello by beethy   flow by beethy
smoke -two- by beethy   i've been here a while -3- by beethy   and this is not my face by beethy
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