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World of Warcraft - Death Knight

Subject:…  / Assist: James, Jesse and Cody. 

Years ago when I joined the cosplay world I had no idea it would take me this far, literally!! Going to America just to do shoots would be beyond my wildest dreams. Now it's actually happening. 
Shooting this costume was incredible. I've been playing World of Warcraft since 2006 so I always feel like a fanboy when I see an incredible costume. Jessica really did an unbelievably good job here. I respect her on every level. 
If you enjoy my work please check out my Facebook page: Beethy Photography
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Welp I used to play WoW in 2007,like when I was 4 years old,now I'm 14,but then I had a break from WoW for almost 2 years...Wish I could play the game again...but I have to download it AND to pay the month pass ;-;
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OMG it`s so adorable 
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This is the kind of cosplay I like looking at! :heart:
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I wouldn't mind being dead.
Electric-Empire's avatar
Not into the game, but dang, this is an amazing cosplay O:
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This is amazing
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Oh that is awesome, great photo.
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This is just amazing. Thank you for sharing. : )
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some of the best cosplay i've seen period
KiihNascimento's avatar
omg, its great, i don't even have words to describe !
gothicAge's avatar
literally wow! Beautiful body and naturally, nice costume. Nice collab! 
Aldridge517's avatar
Badass Nigri! Whooooooooa xD
badgesagogo's avatar
Beautiful work !
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If you go to her Instagram you can see the process of the costumes she makes herself. Her bf said she did most of this one in under a month!
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She does make most of her costumes, and credits the others involved when she has help. She has a lot of cosplays, this one included, that are not sexual in any way.
OceanPirate's avatar
You think so? Most i've seen are,but that's my opinion.
alberach01's avatar
Sure, a lot of hers are, but a lot aren't.
bgzstudios's avatar
Because standing in 1 spot looking cool is totally sexual.
SirCassie's avatar
I think with a lot of people they see cleavage or the midsection of
a woman and automatically think it's sexual. Which I have seen a lot when 
it comes to Nigri; I see those types of people who complain about her cleavage in
her cosplays and just harp on that >.>
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