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RWBY - Yang -02-

Subject: KaylaErin 

RIP Monty Oum, creator of RWBY
This one's for you, buddy. 
You were a huge inspiration to many of us. 
Miss you.

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love the yang, you should do her angry mode aswell 
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I heard Monty got brain cancer an d died, so it's true, I'm guessing?
I wonder how they will continue the series without him because he was lead animator and one of the main characters
Vasynda's avatar
It was an allergic reaction, dude.
lackingStarships's avatar
oh ._. DUR, my bro told me X3 I guess he's an idiot .n.
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What an amazing tribute to Monty <3
FeralLion's avatar
Well said, well said. 
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I hope they can complete RWBY in his honor.
I just discovered RWBY last week. This is the first cosplay for it I've seen. Great work. Such a shame about Monty Oum.
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i love such beauty
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wish I had shotgun gauntlet
HakumeiTenshi's avatar
Monty must be smiling at you from heaven right now
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RIP Monty Oum. You will be missed. We love you.
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Thank you for this Monty tribute. I'm sure he would have loved this. 
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:clap: :heart:
Monty would be proud
vinny14's avatar
Amazing, Monty Oums would be proud...
SkullStriker10's avatar
Awesome cosplay, well done!
shirimasen667's avatar
The world will miss you, Monty. It already feels less creative with him gone. Very good cosplay! You did Yang justice!
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The RT community cries out! Your awesomeness will live on forever, Monty.
That's sad, we lost a great animator so early, 33 years old? Damn!
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