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Pokemon White - Hilda / Touko [04]

subject: *xThunderbolt 

If you enjoy my work please like my Facebook page: Beethy Photography

She wanted a shot with her Snivy plushie :D
Here it is!
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That Snivy though. Still, a great Photo you have. :D (Big Grin) 
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My prefer Pok trainer! Ahahahah i luv
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no offense toward the other models, but she is by far the most beautiful model you have in your gallery.
Shatterharts's avatar
Best cosplay ever seen so far o___o
I am not a sycophant, thou shalt know. A talented professional and beautiful cosplayer ye are.
Mac16a's avatar
I see You really care good for Your Pokemons! You're like their goddess...
KhiteX's avatar
Saw this on some other pages... Great work !!! Love that Cosplay and I am happy that I now know who made this picture :)
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The makeup looks really pretty...but I'd love to see a shot of Touko looking a little roughed up (but victorious!) from a battle. 
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so cute and super cool pictures
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She is very pretty Love 
flyaccountant's avatar
OMG its her

she is the girl of facebook SNS haha
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Ah, I love the lighting, angle and your general cosplay! Your eyes look so vivid in this picture :)
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I never thought Pokemon couls be sexy
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This picture speaks a thousand words. It is truly captivating! From your perspective and from her's! Great Work! 
LegendaryBranflakes's avatar
Wait.... Theres a Snivy plushie in this picture......?
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LegendaryBranflakes's avatar
not sure if joke was understood... but doesn't matter! Awesome cosplay!
chichichichipndale's avatar
The girl looks more smug than the Smugleaf

How is that possible
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You are so awesome the body type can pull off most anime characters probably got most guys buying games and systems anime to sit there and take cute pitchers together eat good and have lots of fun when y'all not working:)
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