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Pokemon White - Hilda / Touko [02]

Subject: ~Rose-Monster

Shot at Supanova!!!

If you enjoy my work please like my Facebook page: Beethy Photography

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This cosplay suits her very well! 
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It's times like this when something is too good for words.
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So... what are those weird white bits of fabric sticking out of her shorts anyway? I've never understood that. They can't be the pockets, pockets aren't spiky like that.

That aside though, really nice cosplay there. It's hard to picture a more accurate version of real Hilda.
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Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
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This model is beautiful great job
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I love your Hilda Cosplay! <3
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Could you tell me how you did the wig?
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Im thinking of Cosplaying touch at this years Supernova! Where did you get the bag? Im thinking of making one xD
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There is no bad picture of Amy she is absolutely beautiful, not to knock your stuff you really do a lot of good work.
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love your work; going to your fb page. :)
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Holy shit she's pretty :0
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Cool costume, cute chick
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Wow Beethy you are Jawdroppingly beautiful, absolutely fav this twice if i could.
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lol lol sorry directed at the model, in the pic of course sorry my bad lol
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wow would you look at that, someone stole your deviation Rage 
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Thanks. They've taken it down now :) 
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That moment when you realize the cosplayer is more beautiful than the character she's cosplaying as
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