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Pokemon - Umbreon -01-

By beethy
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This girl was an absolute blast to shoot with and has had a massive positive influence on my life. 
Expect more photos over the next few weeks! 

If you enjoy my work please check out my Facebook page: Beethy Photography
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I'll never look at my umbreon the same lol

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I'd use a Master Ball on THAT Umbreon, I tell you what.
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L'ensemble est magnifique, quelle belle mannequin :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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u judst made umbreon even more awesomer!!
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absolutly stunning! beautiful costume and model!
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She is so beautiful!
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I have to admit, I'm not really sure what this is inspired by but it's breathtaking. Great work from everyone involved.
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who is the model, she looks familiar. very nice btw 
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Jessica Nigri is her name
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i thought so, the face looked familiar, but the name is never listed in the pictures with her so i wasnt sure. 
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OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!! sry for caps :D
All those eveelutions are just gorgeous!
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Spyrofan00lover Hex202 Blank141 This reminded me of our love for pokemon
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Amazing cosplay! I can imagine how long it must have taken! Keep up the amazing work!
all these pervs commenting on her breasts are creeping me out -_-
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Gorgeous  Foxy awkward blush 
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 beautiful. .. shot
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She should be animated into Pokémon as she is in this pictures.Horny! 
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don't know who is she but she's a beautiful girl
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Those Eyes are Beautiful
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