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Pokemon - Flareon -01-

By beethy
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These Eeveelutions can't stop won't stop!
I can't believe that in life I'm actually doing what I love. I couldn't be happier right now <3 

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Did you ever do ARTICUNO?
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Not a huge pokeman fan, but Flareon is on of my favorites and I am so in love with Jessica's Gijinka version of Flaeron. She looks amazing.  Such awesome work by both you and her. This is one of the best takes on a Flareron Gijinka.
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Beautiful !!!! 
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One sentence....

I can't.... I c-c-can't resist *HMMPPFFF to FAP...

ohhh.. damm....

This hottie babe made my boner raisng high
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one word .............. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
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Isn't this a bit too shiny? You could lower the light a bit, I believe...
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0_o amazingly done. gen1 eeveelutions best eevelutions! :p
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Well this one is my least favourite one ç_ç It's pretty cool, but Flareon is yellow and orange, not red and white... but the costume is still really well done, anyways!
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Has she done all Eveeloutions? i would love to see all of them c:
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Very pretty! You look almost like a warrior of some sort. Nice!
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I've been looking at a lot of her cosplay photos...and she makes everything look whorey. It's disgusting. Please put your boobs AWAY. Sickening. She has no self respect.
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Haha and I like how this photograph is submitted to groups like "PinUp Girls" or "Hentai Paradise"... xD
Says a lot about her and her cosplays...^^
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Yeah, that they're HOT! <3
7thDeath's avatar
Sure they are but I seperate cosplay and... this.
. _ .
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Why? This is "costume play", isn't it? ;)
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She's all about ass and her breasts... that's why I do not really appreciate her costumes.
She is a pretty woman and she has a nice personality as well, but I don't like the way she presents herself.
7thDeath's avatar
I appreciate her effort to made all the costumes by herself - but I do not like how she puts herself and especially how she has to point out her breasts so much. -_-
It really apperas to be slutty. I don't mean to offend her, I already saw that she's a nice person in general. But I can't stand most of her costumes.
I don't complain about the costumes when they're supposed to look like that (if you cosplay an existing character from a game or series, etc.) but she likes to take an costume and makes it more slutty. :/
E.g. her assassins creed cosplay where she simply removed the pants and opened up the front to point out her cleavage. :/
No I don't like this kind of cosplays.
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How about you stop policing how someone looks? You are the last person to say she has no self-respect. You don't know her in the slightest. In actuality, her costume is gorgeous, her wig is beautifully styled, and her attention to the smallest details is staggering. Based on that, I'd say the respect she has for herself is through the roof. It's her body, she can show as much or as little as she desires.

If you want to continue pointing out how "whorey" someone is, by all means go ahead. I can guarantee she doesn't care and will continue to do what she loves and be phenomenal at it.
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Of course the detail on her cosplays are wonderful, I wasn't saying that they weren't. However, the fact I was pointing out was that she shouldn't be showing her  chest because it's shameful. Sure, everyone has a right to dress however they want, I agree with that, but when it comes to altering cosplays to the point where she's clearly just trying to show off her breasts, that right there kind of shows she has no respect for herself, or she's extremely arrogant. Yes I can keep saying how 'whorey' she is, because in fact, it is. Showing a little cleavage is one thing, but she's almost exposing all of her breasts in most of her pictures. This, does not bode well for the rest of women who actually do not want to be viewed as an object because sadly, that's all men will see when women do things like this. THAT right here, is why this offends me. 
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Typical american puritanism. Girl, stop believing that bullshit you were fed about men thinking you're objects because you show them your boobs. We know you have boobs, just as any other woman does. Seeing them doesn't kill our brain or impair our ability to recognize you as a fellow human being.

Jessica is not a whore, nor whorey. She's freakin' sexy, but sexy is NOT the same as whorey. I think you should know that. It'll make your sex life happier some day.
PrinceLarsy's avatar
I am already aware of all that, and agree that's the way things should be; the body is an artform. However the problem is that a majority of men do not share that same outlook you do. I haven't met one yet that didn't disrespect women in some form. I believe she should be able to dress the way she wants to, as I wouldn't want anyone ridiculing me over how I dress myself, but we make up a minority. Majority probably see's these photos, or see her in person and think she's a slut, 'whorey' as I said. I realize I'm kind of being hypocritical, but the exposing of her body only bothers me because of how others normally behave when they see a woman dressed like this. It's sad. Maybe I shouldn't have said what I did in the manner I said it, but if the majority of people didn't view the naked body of both men and women always in a sexual manner, there wouldn't be a problem with this. But they do, so there is an issue with this.
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true she shows more chest than awesome cosplay
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