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Overwatch - Widowmaker

Spotted this Widowmaker cosplay at Blizzcon! 
I got to play this game while I was there, absolutely can't wait for it to come out!! 

If you enjoy my work please check out my Facebook page: Beethy Photography
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😄U are a pretty widow🕷maker❕
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wow that costume is amazing it must have cost a fortune
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Awesome cosplay! :3 :) :*
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ill ask here because i might get an answer can she shoot poison objects (darts needles arrow's so on) into her target or how dose she poison her target at close range with deadly venom? 

oh yeah and by the way if this is a cosplay outfit that YOU made your a very dedicated young woman and i LOVE the design, i mean every inch looks just like the real deal 
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Love the costume and weapon design,  The pose is perfect, and so is the background. however it has me wondering if the glare of the light is on purpose or a mistake.

Either way it makes a good cosplay pic
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Now thats a thought that is worth making.
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This is a cool look.
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IIRC there was someone at Blizcon dressed as Widowmaker because the cosplayer works for Blizzard.
Beautiful photo... looks amazing.
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LOVE the mask/headgear. Very well done.
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Now, she looks amazing.
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That was bloody Fast :-D
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Who is this lady, and does she have a cosplay page?!

Also, not to be confused with Rachel Day, aka Reilena Cosplay, who has her own phenomenal variant of Widowmaker.

Also, I can say "fantastic shot", but it's just typical Beethy quality at this point. I just wonder how much better you/Darshelle/Darrell can possibly get.
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Wow that was made pretty quick, very nice
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ohdang... that is so cool
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