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Jewish Autism - Officer Ben Yosef [01]


I'm really happy I've worked with this cosplayer. She's extremely talented. Like professional model talented. I didn't have to direct her at all, she just gets me. 
Finding chemistry like this as a photographer is something really rare. 
I cannot wait to show you guys what else I have. Lots more to come! 

Pokemon - Officer Jenny [02] by beethy Pokemon - Officer Jenny [03] by beethy

You can buy this print here:
If you enjoy my work please check out my Facebook page: Beethy Photography

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Is it just me or your picture got to change into man with big mouth???
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If you click on one of the other photos in the description, then on what this photo is supposed to be in the description of that photo, you can still see the actually image. I have no idea why though.
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This user was hacked?
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out of focus kunt 
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So freakin FOINE!
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Great lights, a very cute model... Just beautiful. <3
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You have the right to remain FABULOUS
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yep! Anime cosplay make the best pin ups ahah :D (Big Grin) 
Brock has a really fine eye for pretty ladies but THIS Jenny would send him to hospital for too fast heartbeat XD
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Hmmm mmm. Love Officer Jenny.
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And suddenly, I want to play pokemon again. Can't imagine why...
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*is suddenly reminded of Brock's Two Perfect Girls song*
"Officer Jenny; oh can't you see~
You can lock me up and throw away the key~"
oh my. now i understand Brocks' fetish on her xD
officer jenny she can lock me and throw away the key
I love how her legs look in that outfit.
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A lovely model, charming costume, clever and artfully-used lighting--"clothes, pose and expression", as Gil Elvgren once said. This is a very cute and classy pin-up, worthy to hang on someone's wall. Impressive and delightful work. Keep it up. :)
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Wow thank you so much! 
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