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Evangelion - Asuka -2-

~kaguyaxhime as Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion
(Shot at Animania Sydney)
(update: fixed position of contact lens)

I don't think I've taken a cosplay shot like this before.
Her gaze feels real and very personal almost.
I could be looking into it too much but this is how I interpret it.

Hope you all like it.

more NGE:

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/640 second
Focal Length
70 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 11, 2010, 2:49:53 PM
Sensor Size
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Lightning--Baron's avatar
This is so perfect.
Kitten-Bubblepuff's avatar
Oh my god this girl is so cute! Her face is just to die for!
soujiro032's avatar
Great cosplay as Asuka. Your hairstyle is beautiful. :)
Her gaze is absolutely riveting.
xSimph's avatar
beautiful!! *__*
beethy's avatar
conquest79's avatar
pretty Asuka cos
KidXister's avatar
beethy's avatar
Hellz yea me too!!
KidXister's avatar
I felt so sad for at the end of the series. I need to see the movies so I know what happens to her. Don't tell me I need to find out on my own.
HectorMcreyes's avatar
Phili-T's avatar
This is really cool!!!
Ryugaknight's avatar
She has quite the inncoent look in her eyes.
XainGM's avatar
Where the hell is this magical land where you find all these beautiful women? holy shit these girls are flawless. Like you reached in my mind and yanked her right out. Good Asukas.
beethy's avatar
..Maybe I am in your mind....
XainGM's avatar
That explains a lot... Where else could such beauty exist?
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Hello! I’ll be featuring this cosplay on my blog, sometime within the next few days, (though it could take up to a few weeks)! If you would like me to not post it/remove it, please reply to this, message me here or on tumblr, and I will delete the post! Proper credit will be given to all cosplayers/photographers/editors if you choose to let me use this!
asdruval's avatar
great picture... captivating
buiroku-eitaa's avatar
So kawaii~ XD
I'm just wondering... you're wearing colour contact lenses right?? Do you mind if I ask you which brand of contact lenses they are from?? :D thank you <3
Afireinsidegirl's avatar
What is this made out of?? I am planning to make one myself! This photo looks lovely btw, great photography!
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Afireinsidegirl's avatar
oh right, and the materials for the costume do you know what was used?
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