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Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth -02-

subject: *Vera-Chimera

This is the most effort I've put into any shot to date.
While it may not look it.. this image is 60+ photos merged together. A lot of it had to be done by hand.
Normally I don't upload my photos at a very high resolution, but I just had to with this.

More Bioshock to come later!

If you enjoy my work please like my Facebook page: Beethy Photography
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TheArtOfLegwear's avatar
This is one of the most stunning shots I've ever seen.  Amazing and great work.
tool8smart's avatar
This is stunning. I would hang it in my home in a heartbeat! ❤
Adella's avatar
60+ photos?  I could not even tell.  WOW... it looks like one shot.
beethy's avatar
Yea it was such a pain in the ass 
fdezettre's avatar
Well, all this work is worth it, that's a great result we have here !
We easily imagine ourselves in the middle of the ocean on a very small piece of earth... great work !
By the way, isn't it Macquarie Lighthouse, in Vaucluse at the background ? ;)
beethy's avatar
Thank you so much!! And you're absolutely correct. Good eyes!! 
lupinelover's avatar
cool cosplay. The lighthouse in the back ground is a nice touch too. :)
Teddy-Cube's avatar
hoho This would look cool if manipulated :love:
HellknightLeon's avatar
Have I told you how awesome this is? I love it "A" bunch. As most of your art/pictures...  XD
BaconKai's avatar
i like this ^_^
japandaland's avatar
Always a big fan of your stuff. I'd love to see the editing process. 
beethy's avatar
Thank you :D
I might do a video soon 
Dandelionswish's avatar
this is the first photo i ever saw of yours b. anna posted it on FB like back a month or two ago, i thought it was nice but didn't see the big deal, i didn't really get what compositing was.  it's kinda funny to think about it now, i'm glad i'm learning more :) i'm glad i met you <3
beethy's avatar
Likewise :D
Yea if you're keen.. we can teach you a LOT in a short amount of time
sahsoph's avatar
Amazing work!!
JoKeR0720's avatar
You take cosplay to a whole new level, and making it so much more than just the costume. Amazing work! 
beethy's avatar
You know I'm the photographer, right? 
theportraitdude's avatar
LOL I understand what you're saying 
JoKeR0720's avatar
Yes. That's what makes the cosplay that much better, because it was shot by someone that actually pays attention to every element, not just the costume. 
Anstellos's avatar
as a cosplay photographer : very impressive technique.  is it like a panorama ?
beethy's avatar
Pretty much! :D
GlenRoberson's avatar
Wow, what an awesome image!  What camera/lens did you use.  You've got boca in t
he foreground and in the background!  Excellent work, even without the model it would have been an amazing image.
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