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Stick around, watch me improve!
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My time has come... LGBTQ2+ Crisis Two: Electric Boogaloo!
Ho ho holy shiet, what a year. Lets hope this gets better! This is a joke, and please read it as a ranting, whiny 5 year old with a vocabulary far too great for his age.
Writing prompt: Nightmares. Write down a short story of a childhood nightmare, I'll be doing mine.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT Good inktober stuff, thirty more on the way!
Sorry I haven’t been doing art, I’ve been doing a ass load of writing for a one shot, and you’ll see it soon!
Online doodling is hard with a mouse, and I'm broke, so no digital stuff for a while (or until I have money)
I'm doing art, I'm not dead. My dad is just hogging the computer.