Alexandars Diary (p1?)

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How he (Alexandar) would write:

So Thundr is gone A better way to call it would be changd but that doesnt chang much So the Fey told the amazing idea of writing it down Mother tot me to write Mother mother mother She got away Maybe she died trying Died a slow painful grooling death She needs more punishment But the work with the “Firestorms” has been good Sometimes, the fight makes me feel agen Feel good agen and maybe if i get good enuf I can bring father back and we will be happy again

Correct writing:

So. Thunder is gone. A better way to call it would be different but that doesn't change much. So the Fey suggested the amazing idea of writing it down. Mother taught me to write. Mother, mother, mother. She got away. Maybe she died trying. Died a slow, painful, gruelling death. She needs to feel my pain. But the work with the “Firestorms” has been good. Sometimes, the anger makes me feel again. Feel good again. And maybe if I get good enough I can bring father back, and we will be happy again.


So that was some fun writing. It's hopefully a continuing thing I can do when I'm bored/have no doodle energy.

Alexandar is my D&D character, in the campaign that My DM is running (lost mines of Phandelver). His backstory I wrote down is as follows:

Born into nice family in Goldenfields, ditched by his mother for other two siblings, Rhyan, age four, and Emily, two. His high elf mother did it when he was six. Dad, a human druid, didn’t agree, but parted with him, giving him his druid pendant. He slowly made his way north, wandering in the brush, his ultimate goal to take refuge in Neverwinter, but was ultimately refused. Having to live on the streets, he met Barry the mouse a week later, fed him crumbs, and became friends. One day, he had a run-in with the a local gang, and badly injured one member, and hurt the rest. They came after him, and he had to run to the forest. After that, Barry ran off because of his life being too dangerous. Eventually, a local message carrier found him and told him of his fathers death to a fire, and his mother and siblings escape. Being abandoned and orphaned as far as he knew, he lived life in the wilds, where no human could earn his trust and abandon him.

Yeah. AAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGST. And now his pet dire wolf got killed and resurrected into an Earth Genasi by a wild magic rune, activated by his friends. That almost already one-shot him.


Minute long. Didn't realise there was the literature part and the description part. Whoops Sweating a little... 
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