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I'm Still Here

Mon Dec 2, 2013, 12:41 AM
Hello friends. I just wanted to let everyone know that while I am not posting much artwork of late  (I still work on my fractals every few weeks) I do visit every few days to take care of messages and view all the art from those I watch. When I'm not working, I spend my free time on my blog for another of my passions, nail art. If you like pretty nails check out my blog here: Ten Little Canvases.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

The Blacklist
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with my new blog
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Bella---All Grown Up

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 7, 2010, 12:51 AM

Just thought I'd post a new photo of our sweetheart Bella in all her groomed fluffy goodness.

It won't last long...she loves swimming and rolling around in dirt too much. :D

Can't you tell I don't have kids :lol:

Bella- All Grown Up by Beesknees67


Roadhouse Sentinel by 12GO      Karaoke Night by esintu


untitled_19 by majicou     The Seaport by raysheaf

280410 by Pasternak

Re-thinking the cage by IDeviant     Me and Kandinsky by FractalEyes

And some non-fractal favorites

Portal from Gorlitz by GreeGW

I Killed It Johnny by kkart       A flower called Alice by ersi

Atlantis by RaVirr17      

Attempt At Flight by Lilyas


Presenting the Surreal art of Boris Indrikov

Waiting 1998 by INDRIKoff

I.R.I.S. by INDRIKoff       Ex-terier by INDRIKoff

Taboo by INDRIKoff       Face to the Sea by INDRIKoff

From Skies by INDRIKoff

EXCHANGE by INDRIKoff       The Master of grasses by INDRIKoff

Violina by INDRIKoff



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The Return of Debora321?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 13, 2010, 11:37 AM

Hello friends,

Last year a great many fractal artists were approached by a deviant going by Debora321 to try out a new fractal program they created. This program was later revealed to be a trojan designed to gain access to the users Ultra Fractal parameters file. I will admit to stupidly trying to download the program which resulted in nothing (or so I thought).

Last night it was brought to my attention that it looks like this person DID succeed in getting our parameters. I won't speak for others but I WILL call this person out on what looks like the theft of MY params. The image in question is below.

The image he posted in March:


And these are mine:

In A Dream by Beesknees67
The Forgotten Future by Beesknees67
Surreality by Beesknees67

The gradient (which is my favorite Apo gradient) appears to be the same one I used in these:

Fainne by Beesknees67
Sweetest Thing by Beesknees67
Drift and Flow by Beesknees67
Sentinelles by Beesknees67

What do you think?

There are several other images on his page that look too much like some other artist's work to be coincidental.

I encourage any of you that were contacted by Debora321 to check out this page :iconrussianlad: to see if your work was stolen.


Frac-stract by fractek  

All The Fun Of The Cirkus by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel               

English Garden by fractek               :thumb160101694:

Tenacity by StuKarver

The Emperor's Hibiscus by NatalieKelsey                My Sunshine by FractalEyes

Medusa's Hoard by Velvet--Glove


THE most amazing pencil art you will see: Armin Mersmann :iconarminmersmann:

Drawing of Clint wip XII by arminmersmann

Eye study in pencil by arminmersmann

New Moon, Old Souls  WIPII by arminmersmann

Name of the Father,   drawing by arminmersmann

Drawing of Clint completed by arminmersmann

Shattered III  pencil drawing by arminmersmann

Shadow Play II by arminmersmann



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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2009, 12:28 AM

After I received several notes about my work showing up on Desktop Nexus I posted a reply to those person's profiles to have them remove my work. I also went through the DCMA Copyright Violation link on the site to get my image removed. One person still has not voluntarily removed my piece (I have since gone through the DCMA with this person as well), the other person who is astonishingly a "Moderator" for that site sent me this message.

What is unbelievable is the guy actually has the balls to be the one outraged. :rage:

Below his message is my response.

Posted by warchild on 10/30/09 at 01:06 AM

I, Kim Baker, am the creator and sole owner of the image "Dragon" which you have stolen and renamed "Red Dragon Gem". You did not ask for nor receive my permission to use my property on this site. I am informing you that I notified this site of the Copyright Violation. Please remove my image immediately.

First of all, never post this crap under my profile, or under anyone else's profile. Desktop Nexus has the proper procedure to adhere to when making such copyright/ownership claims.

Second, I didn't steel that image from anywhere. I downloaded it from another wallpaper site, as is, except for the title part, I didn't like the nomenclature that the image was originally given by the site from where I had downloaded it.

Now! If you are the actual owner of said image, then direct your attention to the very bottom of this page you are reading this pm on. See where it reads "DMCA Copyright Violation"? That is the link you need to click on, then follow the proper path toward having that image removed.

Thank you,

Moderator Vanyel

My response:

I am indeed the artist of Dragon as you know now that the image has been deleted from your profile and this site.

Please direct your outrage elsewhere, perhaps at the person who DID steal my work. The fact YOU did not personally steal it does not change the fact that it is still STOLEN! You are perpetuating the theft by taking it from that other site, renaming it and posting it here WITHOUT finding the original artist and getting their permission. You are still culpable.

ANY time I find my artwork posted on ANY other site other than the one I personally uploaded it to WILL be publicly called out on the theft and I will go through the necessary legal channels to get my stolen work removed.

Please do not contact me any further as my goal of having my work removed has been achieved.


Favorite Art

                                                                           Here are a few of my latest favorites.

Oriental Sunrise by fractek                                Frost by LaPurr

Abstract XXVIII by Kaeltyk                                 20090912-1 by s31415

Mellow Fruitfulness by Velvet--Glove                                Gnebula by IDeviant

Pilgrimage by infinite-art                                  ink by NatalieKelsey

Featured Artist

                                                               THE most amazing pencil artist : Armin Mersmann :iconarminmersmann:

                                                                                                Drawing of Clint wip XII by arminmersmann

Eye study in pencil by arminmersmann                              New Moon, Old Souls  WIPII by arminmersmann

Name of the Father,   drawing by arminmersmann

Shattered III  pencil drawing by arminmersmann                                 Shadow Play II by arminmersmann

Drawing of Clint completed by arminmersmann

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In Memorium

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2008, 3:11 PM

My Darling Nikki by Beesknees67

We had to put our precious Nikki to sleep today. Due to stress caused by hurricane Ike she went into acute renal failure. She was already experiencing reduced kidney function due to old age (she was almost 16 yrs) but being stressed from the hurricane caused her to stop eating and drinking and we just could not watch her die that way.

We found a vet in our area who does in-home euthanasia and she passed away peacefully at 1pm today. We took her out to the new house and buried her in a shady spot under some tall pines.

We will miss our little fuzz butt so very much.


                                                                                     Meet Elias :iconmisterxz:
                                            This artist uses his personal formula to create these intriguing and beautiful images.

Earth Magick by misterxz                       Daydreamer by misterxz

Invoking the Air by misterxz                       Unearthed by misterxz

Cosmos by misterxz                       Ancient by misterxz

Spice by misterxz                       Fractal Years by misterxz

                                                                                   Various Artists with:

                                                                             Beauties in Black and White

Greyscale 2 by LaPurr                    

Rose Range 1 by Velvet--Glove                     The Morning After by Velvet--Glove

Light And Shade by WelshWench                     The Icon by LaPurr


These are just a few of the wonderful images I've been enjoying lately:


20080715 by s31415                  Polarity by fractek

D E L V E D by deTate                  Spirals XXII by Kaeltyk

A trip to the bookbinders' by IDeviant                  Across the Universe by Velvet--Glove

Ultra Fractal


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 27, 2007, 9:47 PM

Not much going on here. Just impatiently waiting for the May Ultra Fractal Artistry class. The first two classes were invaluable and I expect no less from this one.

I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who has :+fav:'d and :+devwatch:'d my work. I can't always promptly answer all your comments but I want you to know that your kind words and support are very much appreciated. :)


::Nominations and Awards::

::Featured Artists::
Here are a few artists whose works I've particularly enjoyed and I feel deserve some more recognition:

Frontier by Kaeltyk  by :iconkaeltyk:
The World Without by nighty  by :iconnighty:
Blues Guitar by dsa157  by :icondsa157:
Jump for Joy by RoieG  by :iconroieg:
:thumb54095270:  by :iconscott5353:
:thumb53055181:  by :iconanna-dv:
  by :iconlive2b:

::Featured Art::

               Masking, masking, and more masking!

Here are some of the works I've created utilizing the techniques I've learned in the Ultra Fractal Masking Techniques course… taught by Janet Parke.

Rising Formation by Beesknees67 Formation with Sunset by Beesknees67 Wicked by Beesknees67
Memories of a Happy Spiral by Beesknees67 Perception of Dreams II by Beesknees67
Modern Reality: Rotated by Beesknees67 The Silent Beginning by Beesknees67 The Blue Circumstance by Beesknees67


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I have been honored with a nomination by Future Art Magazine in the Fractal category. Voting for the Fractals will begin January 26-28.

Check it out here: future-art-magazine.deviantart…

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 16, 2006, 1:28 AM
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Woke up today thinking it would be a normal, average day until I signed on to DA and found that "Invasion" had been chosen by :iconaeires: as a Daily Deviatio




n! Holy crap! I really do consider it an honor especially since I'm such a novice still with UF. What a thrill it is! Even with the daunting task of responding to the hundreds of :+fav: and comments. Now I get to brag to all my friends and family! What fun!!

:+fav:  Here are some of my really favorite pieces.  :+fav:

This has some of the loveliest lacy textures I've seen in a flame.
catherines wheels by grinagog by:icongrinagog:

The colors and lighting in this are superb. Yum!
Box of Chocolates by Mignon by:iconmignon:

PaulFrac does THE best Fractal Explorer art. And he's generous too, he's kindly and unselfishly sent me the params on some of his works so I could experiment. Here is just one of his pieces but take a look at his gallery... All are done without the luxury of'll be amazed.
Wooden Knot by PaulFrac by:iconpaulfrac:

I love the soothing green and the graphics. Lily has a gallery full of wonderful collages and other beautiful, mysterious pieces so take a peek!
Arkanus WP by Lilyas by:iconlilyas:

Lauren does beautiful flames but I have to say I like her sketched flames the best. They are soft, mysterious and ethereal.
The Long Sleep by laurengary by:iconlaurengary:

Can you say "Awesome"! This has incredible texture, color and lighting. You MUST see this full view!
Sphaerula by JoelFaber by:iconjoelfaber:

Coming Soon!. Links look like this


And now for a bit of vanity...

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