Cheerleader I'm back!! Had to move across the country, finally able to come back...and now to remember everything I learned before, as well as learn Eclipse last rain drop Please be patient with me...........I'm old!!!

Love from :iloveaus: Down Under XXX

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By Beeroxxx
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Welcome back! Of course everyone will be patient! New things aren't learnt easily. Hope everything is fine soon in Australia, much love :hug:
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Thank you kindly, I hope so too with the terrible bushfires we are currently experiencing :(

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Happy to have you back. I'm sure everyone will be patient with your :glomp:
I don't even want to mention Eclipse :faint:

I see you're from down under. I hope you're safe and not where that terrible
bush fires are. My heart goes out to all you Australians and to those animals,
my heart breaks for them :heart:
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Thank you so much Branka. Yes, fortunately I am in Perth, where there's currently less to no fires, but yes it is very devastating what our country is currently going through.....

So far I'm finding Eclipse rather easy, but I find searching for images harder on Eclipse. I haven't tried submitting new art on it yet, wouldn't even know how to begin, so currently I'm just toggling between the two. Are they eventually going to remove the old system, or will we continue to have the choice between old and new? I guess I got too familar with the old feel of the old way, now everything feels "wrong" hahahaha. Blessings, Bee xxx

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Thank God you're safe at least :glomp:
Yes, it's so heartbreaking :(

I loved Eclipse until I had to make art features with
it, that's when I started to dislike them :D
I'm so used to Stash writer, which is user friendly, but
absolutely hate Eclipse. I toggled between the two sites
but when it came to features I was on the Old site. Now
I stay on the Old site and will remain here until they
force all of us to Eclipse and remove the toggle switch. It
will be a sad day for me when that happens :cries:

Blessings to you too, Beeroxx :huggle:
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Hehe, luckily I have no idea what "art features" are yet, so I'm not missing it yet lol.  Well hopefully if they receive enough complaints about it, they will introduce that feature into Eclipse before removing the old system.  I must admit I like the "light" old system compared to the dark black of Eclipse, all the flashing stuff on a black screen becomes too much after a while, which is not so obvious on a light screen.  Well hopefully over time they will work out all the issues. :) 
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I hope so, because every time I'm on Eclipse I sent them
feedback about their writer and I want Stash writer back.
Hopefully they'll listen :D
Yeah, I make art features for my groups and it needs to be
neat and beautiful, but Eclipse is just plain. You can put
emoticons in like I do in my horror group, it comes out huge
and my name is huge too. So either I go for boring and plain
or I keep making the journals here until DA boot me out to
Eclipse :giggle:
Well, I hope it will still be a looooong time before we have to
move, cos I'm not ready now :no:
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