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why so serious ?

By beep-a-zoid
why so serious?
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but i'm never serious.
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joker could kick bat mans ass any day, waaaaay better than bat man...
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i love this picture
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I really like this...great work!
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he was like a god! Now he is...:( so sad really...
Such a good actor.:(
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ugh so old yet still so BAMF= bad ass mother F**ker
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Why so serious?
I LOVE That word! :aww:
I just found my new desktop backround :)
If it's okay with you?? :)
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yeah man. thats what its for.
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Great movie. Heath Ledger's fucked up joker was just perfect!
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yeah i know. awesome movie...
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good! thanks for share ^_^
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Awesome wallpaper!

What font is the "Why So Serious?" in? I want to make a shirt....
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hey man
the font is called youmurdererbb
hope the shirt making goes well...
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this realy scares me... creeeeepy...
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was such a good movie.
heath ledger did an amazing job...
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