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So what have I been doing lately? Making tiny rooms. Writing a book. Coming to terms with the simple fact that I'm just better at writing stories than I am at drawing them.

And... dipping my toes into some game dev. There's a point-n-click room escape style game or two I want to do, at least one of whose graphics will be photos of actual real life miniature sets and props I built. The other is an RPG about a private eye-turned-professional monster hunter who takes a day off to go see a whodunnit at the local playhouse... and ends up missing it when the play gets crashed by rude monsters.

Here's a video of some very early gameplay; most of the graphics are default RPGMaker asset placeholders for now because I want to get the technical BS nailed down before I go ham creating assets I may not need or worse, having to redo a bunch of crap because the original idea didn't work or whatever.
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