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Cuteroom Warm Dawn - Silent Hill Custom by beefgnawpolis Cuteroom Warm Dawn - Silent Hill Custom by beefgnawpolis
My first room and first kit! I wasn't sure whether to do it as prescribed, customize it and keep it cute, or customize it and just go full Silent Hill on it. I posed that question to the Writscrib Discord, where the overwhelming majority of the response was "OMG SILENT HILL IT!" So I did. 

It took about 3 weeks to finish, working maybe an hour a day. If I'd done it as prescribed I may have finished it in a week or so.

I left some bits as prescribed, tweaked some bits like the doghouse (originally a birdhouse) and the White Chrism bottle (originally supposed to have a rolled up piece of wine-colored paper stuck in it), repainted and weathered pretty much everything, left some stuff out that I didn't care for, replaced the wallpaper and ceiling, reworked the lamp so it didn't have its battery wires just chilling out in the open like the instructions called for, and added a whole bunch of original stuff--the gibs in jars, letters, books, Obsidian Cup, Toadstools, and save point are all mine. 

I can upload closeups of particular bits anyone might be especially interested in learning more about, and I still have isolated pics of most of the original bits, but at this point I can't remove anything to photograph it 'cause it's all glued in.

UPDATE: Process video is ...partially up! Turns out I'm having to split it into two, maybe three videos.

PART 1:…
PART 2:…
PART 3?:
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September 26, 2017
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