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The Idle Egg

My first real attempt at digital painting. Kind of rushed, but ehh.
The prefect bathroom scene in GoF: possibly the most enjoyable subject I've ever worked with.
I should mention that the mermaid was inspired by a beautiful painting by John Waterhouse - ([link])
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painted-flamingo's avatar
just how I pictured it to be from the books :)
sabbat-circle's avatar
Oh fantastic!

You really tackle some of the best scenes in the books, and i love how you put your own twist on them.
Frozenicee's avatar
I actually like this bathroom better than the movie's!!!
Beeeb's avatar
aww thanks! the movie version was quite disappointing...
JuvenyleChylde's avatar
That mermaid was the first thing that I noticed, since I have that picture in my room. (A poster of it. I'm broke.)

I love it. Makes me feel like I'm there.
silverglass19's avatar
This image is perfect! So lush and regal! I'd take a bath in there any day! XD
papermask's avatar
i have that mermaid print by john william waterhouse. fantastic choice. :) this is very beautiful. :)
junoknight's avatar
:clap: beautiful! i love this
LoriVintage55's avatar
Oh to have a bathtub that big would be so nice :D And love the Waterhouse (your version) in your painting. Great job even if it was rushed, I couldn't tell :)
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
I have featured this great artwork in my journal today. :) Hope that's ok. :hug:
DarlingBurnSlowly's avatar
I love John Waterhouse.. it was the first thing I noticed in this... lol :D very lovely. I like the water.
gummunq's avatar
oh yea - it'd be fun to put myrtle in, eh? you could play with some transparency effects.
gummunq's avatar
this is rendered so richly and lusciously. yummy. my sister and i have tried illustrating this scene before. it didn't work nearly as well.
nessa204's avatar
Oh hey, look.
It's Harry Potter-ness.
I like.
frostblaze's avatar
pretty amazing stuff
i love the flow of the colors.. and the flow of the image as a whole.
Artemis-Diane23's avatar
i would like a bathroom like that :giggle:
skruffy's avatar
Oh wow, I LOVE this!! I imagined it JUST like this, except a little brighter. Beautiful.. :+fav:
queenISH's avatar
i didn't notice the egg before... it's wonderfully done, i especially like the mermaid.
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
I love it... It's made so perfectly.
ANd I love the fact you used the famous Muggle painting of the mermaid. VERY cool!
Myrafur's avatar
Damn! That is SPOT ON!

I've never seen so accurate a portrayal of the Prefect's Bathroom, before! I'm going to have to fav this. It's too good not to!

feroce's avatar
Gorgeous and bright! Mmm, I love it, and the Waterhouse inclusion is brill.
CSpencer's avatar
nice style, love the mood and setting. has a warm and cool feeling at the same time
hello-magpie's avatar
That is MY bathroom. :heart:

Your reproduction/renovation of the Waterhouse painting is gorgeous. I love his work. You did a remarkable job, I recognized it instantly.
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