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Hogwarts at Sunset

Harry looking out over Hogwarts at sunset. I think castles and romantic scenery make powerful pictures.
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Wow I love painting like that, you're very talented.
Can I take this picture for a forum Avatar? I'll write the link of your DA in my description.
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Love the blue-yellow-orange sky ^^
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This is simply gorgeous and vastly under-appreciated.
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Really beautiful! Nice work! :D
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whoaa thats gorgeous !
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Brilliant, i love it! I love the colours.... It's really cool.
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really nice work
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Such a lovely picture! The composition is perfect :D
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I absolutely love the colours and perspective here! :heart:

This would make a fantastic print :lol:
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Love the sunrise and you're right. Castles and romantic scenery do make powerful pictures.
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AMAZING! My dream is study in Hogwarts, and yours?

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Awesome!! Your perspective is amazing. :clap:
omg, thats cool. i love castles, and hogwarts is so cool because it is not real but feels so real. nice!
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ogm i love it :|
what did you use to make that?!
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it's watercolor, just applied really thickly.
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you are an art einstein
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okay, thats the coolest looking sunset i have ever seen! and this is really good!
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Gorgeousness. I've never seen a sunset that looked like that....but now I want to.
Very pretty ^.^ This piece has a dreamy look to it.
It looks a bit like the sky is gonna eat the castle, too...
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