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New world has arrived.

In order to continue to do some images and photography I made a Patreon.

Most of the income will serve for new hardware and neaw models to please my fans.
I will also post there special request and NSFW images that can't be posted in Devant art.  

And be sure I'll do it. It is only a cofee a months, so quite worth it.
DA has censorship limitation, I will put the full verson of my work into the downlod zip files.


I am doing DAZ since a while now. I will began comissions now.  

I am not searching to be rich but it will help me a little to buy the 3D stuff needed to do the requested render.

Even if it does not cover the buying price.
I will set my comissions for a basic public work at 1$, more for multiple or private works, just contact me.

I have no taboo, just technical and artistic limitations, feel free to ask, I will not judge your request.

Thanks for all your support.
I will do new works in photography and 3D and this will be diffused here with a small fee, lice 20 cents a pic in Hi res. Unbeatable price.

The money will mainly serve me to upgrade my old computer to something better and more powerful. I also need a NAS for all my stuff, it began to take a lot of space.

I do characters in PNG files with a transparent background, this allow you to have your RPG character inside the sheet and have a unique character sheet.
So feel free to explore my new art and tell me if there are so special desires.
First I wants to thanks all of you for the 100 000 individual view. My gallery now has 1930 deviations. Wow, a lot of work done helped by your encouragement, I am still on.

A bit late but the photo of the Facts convention 2015 are on their way. Be patient. I love cosplay and cosplayer, so if you have an event or you search for a photographer in Belgium (Near Brussels), I'm your man.

D'abords un grand merci à tour, ma gallerie a ateint les 1930 deviations et plus de 100 000 vues. Je n'y serais jamais arrivé sans vos encouragements.

J'ai du retard mais voici enfin les photos de la convention FACTS 2015. A ce propos si vous êtes autour de Bruxelles et que vous cherchiez un photographe, je suis votre homme.
I work a lot with DAZ 3D actually, it may be an opportunity to release some figure for persones who may be interest in a character, if you have a RPG caracter or some desire I can try to do it.
Feel free to ask, if I can do I will do it.
You may see that I am doing some drawnings, you may want me to do some. I am not an expert so I won't make professionnals one and so I won't ask you to pay for, especially as I am just an amateur student on drawnings.

But if you like something, just suggest it to me and I will try to do it for you.
September 2013 :
I began a big house for my dolls, It will size 2.10m x 61cm X 121 cm, quite a size. I will try to have lights, doors, windows etc...

It will have a storage room an the botom and two big rooms.

September 2013 :
I began a big house for my dolls, It will size 2.10m x 61cm X 121 cm, quite a size. I will try to have lights, doors, windows etc...

It will have a storage room an the botom and two big rooms.

October 2013

Back from the ldoll with stars in the eyes. If you do not know this festival just notice that it is a very nice doll festival, the biggest of Europe with many brands on site.

March 2013

My night elf has progress, the body is finished and she has tattoo on her. I hope to show you her finished soon, I have just a problem, Where do I put her wig ???

February 2013

Still working on my night elf, the head is in progress

January 2013:

I began a metal armor for my dolls, you can find it in the worlf of warcraft folder.
It is made of metal plate of copper.

I have finished the doll of Draeneris, from the Game of Throne TV show and novel I am proud of it she is very nice and the talent in blush and makeup of my wife has been decisive.
I used to have an old name called Zorg, why ? It is a caracter of cartoon named Zorglub, a bad scientist who wants to rule the world but cannot because he is too gentle.

Maybe I'd like to be like him, maybe not. This pseudo no longers fits with my actual personnality and activity.

After a long and hard brainstormings, days and nigts of brain washing I found the name thats suits me.

bedoll, be for the verb "to be" and for belgium, my new country. Also bedoll was already taken, I work a few more like "be a doll" with is not symetric, I also think about "bedool", "beedool" and finaly "beedoll" like "be e dool" with a small accent you can say it as "be a doll".

So if you have remarks feel free.

I also wish to thanks all of you for your support, it help me a lot in my work.
Miradoll MSD with Angel Of Dream head.

Shy and single, Tatiana is the lady of winter. She especially loves the silent of the season, walking into the dead trees of the forest. With her came the frozen waste, like if she was stopping time. Covered by warm furs she feels the bite of the cold. Like a beast, always ready to kill you. Nobody can tame it but you can walk in its paws. At least the winter last, she knows that she lives for the day of Spring.
With the new warm sun Tatiana will let le lead to others and wait anew for her turn, she know that it will come again.
I was a little shy to come here but here I am now.
For a few years I was too shy to assume my art and show it to the others, I'm still a begginer in a lot of domain and often impressed by the wonderfull skill of many other people.

Now I know better my rank and be proud to share it with you, the best way to progress is to learn from your critiques and advices.

Most of my work is actually BJD related. I loves theses dolls for their quality and all the things that can be done with. Customisation has no limits.

For the other part I'm the happy owner of a Sony Alpha 200 with an 50mm objective and a 28/80 macro zoom. of courses it's not a NIKKON (I heard critisism) but it's a pretty nice camera and the result is correct. I have not the skill to legitimate a powerfuller one.

For all you see in my art, feel free to tell me you feelings.  I need your help to progress, I need your comments and advice.

I'm here to have contact with nices people other the world who share the same interest and who share their mind.

If you want to know a few about me :

I own a Sony Alpha 200 camera and I like it.
My favorites sounds are the ones from ABBA and Xandria
I play (a few) the Celtic Harp
I work in computers support
I own a Mac (bookair) and a Big PC, I did not categorise one as superior to the other.

I loves, elfs, cats, nature.
I am married (sorry girls).
I support the LGBT cause.
I consider myself as a citizen of the world.

Actually I live in France, my country of origine, I also live in UK (Swindon) and Ireland (Dublin).