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Nightingale Armor with a Sabre Cat Pelt

By Beebichu
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Hi there! Thanks for viewing my image.
I am the maker of and model of the costume, Nightingale Armor from the video game Elderscrolls V: Skyrim. These lovely photos were taken by the talented Andrew Snucins Photography, www.andrewsnucins.com.
The Nightingales are the original concept of Bethesda.

I play Skyrim and as I was wondering what costume to make I decided to just go for my favorite one! My character is always in this armor.

About the costume: I began planning and collecting materials in September 2012. Most of it is sewn out of pleather and vinyl which I then treated with black paint, silver spray paint, hot glue, model magic, and way more black paint. I made the pattern by cutting out pieces of paper and holding them up my body to see if they would be the right size and shape. Then I used those paper pieces to cut out my fabric. Very time consuming as I don't have a dress form. One day I'll get one. I completed the costume 4 months later in December.

There's a humble write up on my blog of how I made this costume here: beebichu.blogspot.ca/

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If you could somehow stop the 'leather' parts from reflecting so much it would look much more realistic, but awesome job.  The details are great.
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Awesome, this looks amazing.
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This.... IS B RILLIANT!!!
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Great one, looks awesome.
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how did you make the sword
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Thank you. For how I made everything please see my blog here: www.beebichu.blogspot.com
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Oh my god this is toooo awesome! 
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I love it looks great. what kind of fabric did you use?
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Thank you. For how I made everything please see my blog here: www.beebichu.blogspot.com
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as a biiiiig fan of skyrim, i absolutely love this.
its really cool and the sabre cat pelt makes it way more realistic!
only thing missing is perhaps a nice pouch ? 
i'd love to see more things like this !
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A pouch is a good idea :)
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This is awesome! Thank you for posting a link to your how to, I've been trying to find someone who made this armor without craft foam! Hopefully I can live up to your amazing job
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I'd love to see your costume :)
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It's still a work in progress... unfortunately I have got all the material yet to begin putting it together.
Hopeful I'll begin with in the next month 
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This is one of the best Nightingale cosplays I've ever seen. I am insanely jealous.
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I both adore and despise this image, the craftmanship looks great and the documentations (The photos) of it is awesome and well placed in perspective so i can't help but love it all like any fellow adventurer and artist would.

This is however why my darker self cannot deny it's foul envy as it does not know when to be silent about it's sore opinions. I envy all those who has the hands to make their ideas into reality, blacksmiths between fantasies and realities. It is to my greatest distate that i have so much to...visualize while at the same time have no way of actually expressing my intentions without being entirely dependable on others to do it for me while all i do is write about it. I'm a writer at best and even there i'm still a meek individual. Such is the tyranny of worthless emotions.

My apologies if this upsetted you in any way because that was beneath my intentions, you're an awesome artist with a pretty face to display your stuff with so don't be mistaken; keep up the good work! :iconthumbsup2plz:
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Thank you. My reply here wont be as long as your comment but i wanted you to know I appreciate it :)
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Thanks, much obliged :peace:
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This is AWESOME! The armor...the fur...magnificent!
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