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Nightingale Armor Cosplay

Hi there! Thanks for viewing my image.
I am the maker of and model of the costume, Nightingale Armor from the video game Elderscrolls V: Skyrim. These lovely photos were taken by the talented Andrew Snucins Photography,
The Nightingales are the original concept of Bethesda.

I play Skyrim and as I was wondering what costume to make I decided to just go for my favorite one! My character is always in this armor.

About the costume: I began planning and collecting materials in September 2012. Most of it is sewn out of pleather and vinyl which I then treated with black paint, silver spray paint, hot glue, model magic, and way more black paint. I made the pattern by cutting out pieces of paper and holding them up my body to see if they would be the right size and shape. Then I used those paper pieces to cut out my fabric. Very time consuming as I don't have a dress form. One day I'll get one. I completed the costume 4 months later in December.

There's a humble write up on my blog of how I made this costume here:……
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LadySionis's avatar my friend, are amazing!
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ohhhh this is awesome....
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I love your work!!!
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Damn, that look awesome!!
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May I have the pattern for the foam?
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I finaly found you.
i've been seeing your cosplay on theinternet for years and I finally found the source
you are gorgeous 
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It's nice to be found <3
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Thats one hell of an AWESOME costume... would love to don it heh... ^_^ v
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Fus-ro-damn, this is incredible!
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Saw the post on reddit and had to come over here to comment. This is a fantastic costume! Adding you to my watch list to check out your future endeavors.
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can i please have it for halloween please!!!!!!!!
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Looks awesome! Nightingale armor was always one of my favorites :3 shadows hide you
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all hail lady nocturnal! great work btw
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Thank you. Walk with the shadows.
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i did a digital painting studying your photo, i absolutely love it so i had to paint it :)…
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Thank you that's lovely :D
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Love the detail work! 
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