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Nightingale Armor Cosplay 3

Hi there! Thanks for viewing my image.
I am the maker of and model of the costume, Nightingale Armor from the video game Elderscrolls V: Skyrim. These lovely photos were taken by the talented Andrew Snucins Photography,
The Nightingales are the original concept of Bethesda.

I play Skyrim and as I was wondering what costume to make I decided to just go for my favorite one! My character is always in this armor.

About the costume: I began planning and collecting materials in September 2012. Most of it is sewn out of pleather and vinyl which I then treated with black paint, silver spray paint, hot glue, model magic, and way more black paint. I made the pattern by cutting out pieces of paper and holding them up my body to see if they would be the right size and shape. Then I used those paper pieces to cut out my fabric. Very time consuming as I don't have a dress form. One day I'll get one. I completed the costume 4 months later in December.

There's a humble write up on my blog of how I made this costume here:……
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How much foam was used?
Very good armor . i must say that your eyes make it even better . a bet this armor took months to make .:)
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This is an awesome cosplay! Would it be ok if I uploaded a sketch I made of this to dA? I will link back here of course ^_^
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Awesome cosplay (and photo)!
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Awesome cosplay, and your eyes, damn! I fell in love *-*
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Totally using the gorgeousness of this cosplay armor as inspiration behind my logo for twitch :) Love the look of this armor so much better than the original nightingale armor, love that you see more of the face :)
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Reaclistic enough.
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I am fangirling at the moment! This is so freaking epic!
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Amazing work.... o.o You really do look amazing in this pic.
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This is a seriously stunning photo, your eyes are so striking!
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Thank you very much.
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Can I use this picture? I am an indie Author and one of my characters wears armor similar to this.
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As long as you give the photographer full credit: Andrew Snucins of Andrew Snucins Photography.
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Yes, hello. I would like my jaw back please.
I dropped it on the floor when I saw this costume and I can't find it anywhere. :I
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o.0 I think I stepped on it
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I'm just kidding, but your cosplay is AMAZING o3o;
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Gorgeous costume!

I have my character run around as Nightingale all the time, too.. gotta love that armor!
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its da bestest!
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