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Terrible Lizard by Kiricorn Terrible Lizard :iconkiricorn:Kiricorn 5 1 Jhkdfsda by Daetiel Jhkdfsda :icondaetiel:Daetiel 16 5 (Gachamon) SomeOrdinaryArtist Payment Pt.2 by cinna-mode (Gachamon) SomeOrdinaryArtist Payment Pt.2 :iconcinna-mode:cinna-mode 11 1 [K2] LOCKER MONSTER. by Zelebirbo [K2] LOCKER MONSTER. :iconzelebirbo:Zelebirbo 24 2 Space Potato by Kiricorn Space Potato :iconkiricorn:Kiricorn 7 0 Boot-iful by Kiricorn Boot-iful :iconkiricorn:Kiricorn 5 1 O_O by snatti89 O_O :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,817 51 [DTR Entry] Them Apples by Kiricorn [DTR Entry] Them Apples :iconkiricorn:Kiricorn 13 0 Space kitten by Kiricorn Space kitten :iconkiricorn:Kiricorn 8 2 Dn'D Raz by EarthGwee Dn'D Raz :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 225 41 Commission - Curious Moco by EarthGwee Commission - Curious Moco :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 143 9 Ride That Dragon! by EarthGwee Ride That Dragon! :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 274 16 I Want Upgrades For Noodle by mykaladragon I Want Upgrades For Noodle :iconmykaladragon:mykaladragon 23 1 Donated Design - Helios [New-member RAFFLE CLOSED] by Wyngrew Donated Design - Helios [New-member RAFFLE CLOSED] :iconwyngrew:Wyngrew 59 29
I have been tagged by so many fricken people: YiloisePiraya Thunder-Evermore Canadian-Croissant Pokettkinz 

Skelly Limb by Beebasaur

1.) Post these rules.
2.) Post 8 random facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other creators.
4.) Post their OC's name along with their creator's name/avatar.

The Boi on the left

1:  Despite loving to read Crimson has a very low reading level. He is easily stumped by long words and complex sentences but he likes to pretend he understands better than he does and he hasn't told a soul other than Fern and Hazel. He normally asks Hazel for help when he doesn't understand something.

2: Crimson has almost never skipped a meal. Though he is willing to give up sleep and family time for a good novel or in the name of science he draws the line at food. He may not look it but Crimson is a big eater and seems to constantly be hungry. He of course eats very little around others but by himself he snacks constantly.

3: He still thinks his parents are coming back for him. Even though he has accepted that it is a very slim chance they'll return he still refuses to give up on them, he is actually becoming a doctor in hopes of impressing them when they return.

4: He has been known to eat Orangie. Crimson is very guilty of eating some of his faithful googator Orangie's goop. He insists it tastes like Icecream and he started doing it when someone dared him to lick Orangie when he was little. Orangie doesn't seem to mind

5: Crimson is terrified of Fealthurrs. He always has been and likely will always be. He finds them too unpredictable and he doesn't like them. He much prefers googators or Terrapups as he can normally understand what he wants.

6: Crimson personally believes unicorns are real as well. He isn't just telling Cassie that to make her happy, he loves to think that things like Fairies and Unicorns could be real.

7: He has named his tail Wheatley. He doesn't know why but it just felt right. 

8: Contrary to his name Crimson's favorite color is blue. 


Nom Tail and Knife Gurl by Beebasaur

The girl on the right

1: Angelica hates chocolate. She think's it gross and too sweet. She much prefers sour candy.

2: Angelica has always wanted a fealthurr. One's just never chosen her. One would assume she wants some scary looking crow one but she actually loves the colorful parrots and tucans much more. 

3: She is a sucker for Anime and Manga. But she'll never admit it B-baka

4: Her go to on Rock, Paper, Scissors is always Rock.

5: Her last name is actually "Darling". But she doesn't like talking about that sort of thing.

6: Angelica is afraid of bugs. 

7: She has a decent singing voice but thinks it is stupid. Singing reminds her of her mother and as such she has condemned it as stupid and will leave the room if someone is doing it.

8: Angelica's nickname is Annie and she will only let two people ever call her that. One would be Ronan but he refuses to do so and the other is Filch as she respects him.

Woah Intense by Beebasaur

1: Ludwig loves swimming. One might think that since he was a Pyromaniac he wouldn't like water but Ludwig actually loves the stuff. Sure it will never beat his precious fire but he'd never say no to a bath.

2: He has no idea what German is. He believes his parents taught him some sort of made up language when he was little before he ran off. Ludwig has named it Scaline.

3: When Ludwig's not burning them he is quite the reader. He is fascinated by stories of dungeons and dragons and knights and princesses. 

4: Ludwig's parents have actually visited him in Murkwood. They visit him every other month but when they ask him if he wants to go back he has always insisted he likes it better by himself. His parents have reluctantly agreed to let him do his own thing. 

5: Ludwig is a biter. When he gets scared Ludwig starts to bite, things people food doesn't really matter what he just needs to chew on something.

6: Ludwig drags Apollo with him everywhere. Doesn't matter where he is going or who he'll be with Apollo comes along too.

7: Ludwig enjoys stargazing. Ever since he learned stars were just giant balls of fire he has loved them. He likes to stay up and stare at them with Erin.

8: Ludwig can do a backflip. 

I was going to do Camille but I haven't flushed her out enough as a character yet


Awkward Love
- Stitches
- Add a color
- Pupils
- Fingers
- Arm floof
+ Base color change
+ Reapplied color scelera
+ Paws (hands)
+ Long flop ears
+ Fluffy ears

Erin belong to SplashKidd 
6/1224 (I can’t at the moment add the rune symbol btu I will edit it in)

Creature Crossing: Orangie
Name: Orangie
Birthday: August 8 
Species: Rough Knob-tailed Gecko
Catchphrase: "Raring to go!"
Quote: "You wanna go bro!" "I'm unstoppable!" "Won again, obviously."

Character Type(s):Peppy
Orangie embodies the heart and soul of a friendly rival, always trying to one up those around him, especially his best friend Greem. Energetic and excitable Orangie never seems to stop moving, or talking for that matter, turning almost everything he does into a competition. Surprisingly though despite his almost constant drive to win Orange is a rather graceful loser, accepting a loss as easily as he would a win, often just challenging the person to try again. Once you really become his friend while his energy doesn't deplete in the slightest, his boisterous and have to win attitude does. He is actually a very supportive friend, cheering for everyone, especially himself, and always driving those around him to try harder.  
History: Not much to talk about really as Orangie has lead a surprisingly boring life. Other than sever trophies and many more participation awards from competitions he'd compete in he hasn't really done a lot. Ever since he was little he has been best friends with Greem, the two of them basically considering each other brothers. 

Other: Likes to pretend he is a super hero. 
Bone babus
Minda(♂) x Birch(♀)…
I am really new at this please don't hurt me

1. Sexless | Celebi | Naked
Type: Physic/Grass
Reasoning: Just a normal celebi, left undesigned for possible fusion material 
Owner: Monstrenumeriques

 Sexless | Cubone/Celebi/Komala | Hybrid
Type: Ground/Physic
Reasoning: They mostly have the body of Celebi, with the claws on their hands from Komala and their toes ending in points with claws from Cubone, the paw pads on their feet from Komala. Skull, and stomach marking both from cubone. The floof on their cheeks, neck and the floofy tail are from Komala along with the shut sleepy eyes. Black marking around the eyes and eye color from Celebi, green markings and the blue ones are from normal celebi. Finally the wings are from Celebi. The Skull is changed to be more round and look more like a celebi skull.
I am keeping this lad
4. Male | Cubone/Komala | Hybrid, Mod
Type: Normal/Ground
Reasoning: Main body shape is mostly Komalas with a few minor changes from mod such as the rounder ears to not only resemble normal bear ears but ancient koala ears and the cubone tail with the Komala floof at the end and feet that end in the spike claws of cubone. Their colors is a combination of Cubones and again the more tan and brown color of ancient kolalas and their tummy marking comes from komala and the ear ones from mod. The skull is from Cubone and using mod is changed to look more like a bear skull. The eyes are cubone eyes. Finally the log using mod is supposed to be fossilized wood. 
I may keep this lad but I would take 500Points 
I literally have no use for levels so don't bother asking, not to be rude.
Want some candy
This is from like 3 months ago and I have just forgotten to post it
Mr Blank
+ Bean Brows
+ Paws (feet)
+ Teeth

He only has one accessory as the bow tie is actually just a clip to keep the vest together. So if you look at the drawing there is a split in the bow tie where it comes apart to undo the vest.  


Beebasaur's Profile Picture
United States

KK - Angelica Page Doll by TinySnapsBeeb | Trying to escape the undertale fandom | She/Her
Gravity falls pixel divider by Circuscatgirl
Well, welcome to my profile I guess! If you like super chatty socially awkward teenagers who can’t stop drawing undertale art then this is the place for you! Now when I am not drawing Undertale I am normally reading fan fictions normally for portal but lately I have been branching off to Undertale and Asterix. As for music I am a huge 80s fan as I listen to old music 24/7. I am also pretty well known for taking one song and just putting that on loop and listening to it for hours while drawing.

God himself by UniqueGecko
It's the touch that gives you comfort,
It's the touch that makes you feel,
It's something that no one else can ever steal.
It's the sweetest human contact for the body and the mind,
It's the connection where two bodies link and bind.

It's what we search for when we feel all alone,
It can be so meaningful, the emotion is deep to the bone.
It's what makes us realize that someone else is there,
It's the touch that says, "Just know I'll always care."
It can say hello, it can say goodbye,
It can leap out when you're happy, or make you want to cry.
It can say "I love you" or "I'm really glad we're friends,"
It can be the last spark in a story that ends.

All you need is another soul to make you feel this snug,
It's the connection in our life...
Everyone needs a hug.


W.D Gaster Fan Button by Yami-Sohma
Sans Fan Button by Yami-Sohma
Papyrus Fan Button by Yami-Sohma
Firebrand Fan Button by SuperNicolas1234
Fone Bone Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Smiley Bone Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Phoney Bone Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Rhythm Heaven Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly
Rayman Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
DuckTales Fan Button by polskienagrania1990
Dinosaurs Fan Button by JustButtons
Portal 2 Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly


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