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The Last Unicorn custom pony

=For more angles, click here!=

My finished custom pony of Peter S. Beagle's, "The Last Unicorn".

I started with the G1 Flutter Pony, Morning Glory, hacked her to pieces, re-built her skeleton using thick wire and tin foil, and used what I could from what was left of her original body, re-posed her, and sculpted from scratch all of the rest, using Apoxie Sculpt ( and Fimo for internal structural strength ).

She was painted with simple acrylic paints, and sealed with a glossy sealer. I have "hidden" two swarovski crystals on her as well.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
The Last Unicorn belongs to Peter S. Beagle

=For more angles, click here!=

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two of my favorite things have become one...and I love it
FlutterValley's avatar
god wish i could make customs like you i love this one!
Bee-chan's avatar
Aw thanks! X///3

It just takes a loooot of practice, studying, and patience. You can if you really put your mind to it!
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ZeldaTheSwordsman's avatar
And I'm once again hearing the music in my head.
Bee-chan's avatar
Heheh! You're welcome! XP
ZeldaTheSwordsman's avatar
That movie is so beautiful.
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She looks amazing
meihua's avatar
Aww, so cute :) Nice work!
Stephanie-Chivas's avatar
She looks totally amazing finished. Alot of work must've gone into her.
fusao's avatar
that's awesome as usual ^_^ she looks like the Last Unicorn a lot, didnt even need the title to recognise her ^_^

You really do a nice job on your MLP custom, what kind of apoxy you use? Cause I was planning on making little sculpey figurines, but the effect of apoxy is also really interesting :)
Bee-chan's avatar
Apoxie sculpt. I haven't tried apoxie clay yet, though I might soon, when I start working on my styling pony custom.

I'd play with the sculpey FIRST, so you can plan your designs. THEN try the apoxie sculpt. You kind of have to be willing to learn how to work fast and in small portions when using apoxie sculpt, as this stuff DOES start to set within 2 hours.

Dj-Becka's avatar
Do you have a pic of the pony before modification? :)
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I don't have photos of my own ( I need to finish taking photos of my collection ), HOWEVER you can still see what G1 Morning Glory looks like here ( she's the pony base I used ).


Dj-Becka's avatar
Oh! Thank you! i was unable to find what kind of pony you have use! I did not think one moment about that shape!
Bee-chan's avatar
No problem! ^_^

You are very welcome!

egyptianruin's avatar
This is so nice!
Nefidean's avatar
She's beautiful! Egad Is she beautiful!
Nixly's avatar
wow so amazing!! all ur hard work definalty paid off :)
Redkam-Arts's avatar
Gorgeous work! I love her
minespatch's avatar
You could probably add the goatee if you had the chance.
Bee-chan's avatar
Heh, not with this one ^^;. Maybe for a future custom, but this one's already finished, as she's roughly based off of The Last Unicorn.

minespatch's avatar
I understand. :)

Well, if your going to do more, I'm going to enticed on your next project.
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