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Fusion Fall Numbuh 5 roughs1



I'll admit, I want to play Fusion Fall, by Cartoon Network. ^^;

And I'm digging the take on the various Cartoon Network characters. When I saw the new design for Numbah Five, from Code Name: Kids Next Door, I HAD to get started on a pic of her.

I have more plans for the pic, like drawing her in her original style and putting it behind her Fusion Fall style, but I just wanted to get this part out first.

And yes, I WILL be finishing this. ^_^

Sketch STARTED in my sketchbook, but scanned and re-done in Open Canvas 3.

=Clicky here for the second stage of the roughs=
=Clicky here for the tight pencils=
=Clicky here for the finished inks=
=Clicky here for the finished colors=

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I love this one and the colored one you have of both images of Abby. You are so awsome. Love the legs!