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Dear Whoever You Were...

By Bedeccadybug
i know this is not photojournalism philosophical, but my idiotic computer would not allow me to submit under anything else. and, also, for some reason, the photograph does not show up, which bothers me., it's not a suicide note (bryn), so don't call 911 please, that's happened too often (yes, once is enough to be too often).

Dear You,
for everything you've ever said, i'm grateful. for everything you've done, i thank you. for as much as it may have hurt, it taught me to live. friends, enimies, whatever we were. You get one life to live, and you have to start living it the second you take your first breath; for it is the begining of your last. Many people fall quickly in love, yet fall faster out. and the more you love someone, the less you want to tell them. so, did you love me? for words fall silently upon our lips, stay a while, then are swallowed by the tears we all have cried. yet i've played this cruel game of tears and hate for a moment too long; i'll quit while i'm ahead- for i know when to stop. life is short, you live it with the time you've got. it's all about priorities, and you make your choice the second those change. you know that guilt will kill us all in the end, even if it's not the reason our breath falls short. we all live with the burden of our decisions on our chest, and we can't seem to get rid of them. i believe we're made that way. to not be able to fix what's broken, however way we suffer. life isn't hard. simply learn to forget about the people who forgot about you.
So Dear Whoever You Were,
please let me go, i'll be just fine where i'm going. and i hope that you can say the same in time. Never miss you, for i can't say i'll miss the pain life has caused. yet this i can wish for you; simply live.

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"We all live with the burden of our decisions on our chest".

Makes a lot of sense reading that. I just wish I could have had the choice to be forgotten about or not. She did that all on her own.
Ah, well. I'm not the one with a heavy heart. In a way, I hope she isn't walking around with one either.
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i love the picture

somebody called 911?
Theibes's avatar
I like the concept - very nice!
i adore your mind... very expressive
MsLeace's avatar
Love the text and would wish to say it to someone right now ._.
Yerduh's avatar
This is...amazing! Simply amazing! I adore the poem, and the picture fits perfectly!
Bedeccadybug's avatar
thanks, but all the photograph is supposed to show is the top of the letter and dead rose bud.\
rainbowofleaves's avatar
I love this photograph, but it's too big!!!
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