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Immobile Ariel

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Ariel was pretty frustrated and bored when she became an immobile pile of girl flab, so she started recording herself singing, and learned how to edit audio and music.  When she realized she could sell her art, she was convinced no one would want to listen to a pile of fat sing, after all just hitting certain notes made her chins jiggle

so she would start selling her music online under another name, so no one would have to see what she really looked like.  Money and stability was nice, and she used to like attention back when she felt pretty.  So she still records and sells music from her nice apartment.  She has earned a decent living, but is still unwilling to do interviews, in fear that if people saw the real her, they would stop listening to her

But, she has a fuck buddy who likes to come over in between recordings to hang out and maybe give her a few good orgasms, so her esteem isn't too low.  She's still getting used to her big fat gut turning someone on, but she understands why they give her breasts so much attention.  Even Ariel can't keep her hands off of her breasts, not only did they feel better than ever, but they strangely turned her on, something she never thought would happen back when she was skinny.  

Sex was great, but it was still humiliating that in order to even see her pussy you had to move a mountain of flab.  the effort of shifting hundreds of pounds out of the way made her feel more like an over-sized sex machine instead of a participant in the love making.  And it wasn't just her gut, just her FUPA alone was bigger than a lot of fat women's belly's.  But, with her growth, her vagina became decently larger and much more sensitive, so she as grateful that someone was willing to pleasure her despite her weird body 

 Ariel worries that she wouldn't able to take the criticism of her body, so she just sticks to making music from the shadows and having a casual but fulfilling sexy life 

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could someone just answer me the question - what is the idea of such pics, just why you doing it?
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But who's the fuck buddy then?🤔
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good question!  :D  I have a few ideas, but what do you think?
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Maybe just friend of hers that was a fan of the diagnosis of morphasia, and decided to fulfill their mutual needs (a passionate fat fetish for the friend and the heightened libido of the girl)
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mutually beneficial, I like that 
nice story,i want a girl like this,and the description of the FUPA is soooo hot
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FUPA's deserve more recognition 
true,FUPA´s is soo cute
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So how long until she croaks?
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She won’t, morphasia leaves the patient with super human health
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The drawing is good!,Love the smooth skin there!Can i rub her belly?
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We're getting a lot of reports about these morphasia immobiles over at the company. We're planning on sending some G.I.'s to collect various tissue samples from them. What parts of them do you recommend?
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