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I have made a new account. All my stuff have been moved to My new name: InterGrapher.
  • Reading: get off your but - sean stephenson
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Somebody made my day today :)…
  • Listening to: oleku - ice prince ft brymo
  • Reading: is there life after death? - anthony peake
  • Watching: people driving me insane
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  • Drinking: water
• Tower your strength over me. The music that you spill brings smiles.  Sad ones for the clock has stopped ticking.  Maybe it's time to resume the revolutions.  Maybe I should start revolving around you instead of the other way around.Can you see all the hope in these words, feel the desperation that slowly engulfs me?
• I guess that once more I am nowhere to be found. This heart pounding in my chest  doesn't seem mine, it never did. Dum dum dum. Singing your song. I will have to burn it one day for you. My present for a future never spent.
• The demise that we share is nowhere near it's end. There is no controlling this. I have tried and failed with the intensity of a nova explosion. And I am still failing. And falling trough the cracks in our sky. Or maybe mine is the only one that needs patching.
• Pull me in with your gravity. This is the desire that makes my universe implode. Anything that has nothing to do with you is everything that I refuse to deal with. So how ca a world survive when it's rain is made out of acid salt? I do not know. And yet mine does. Against all odds, against all unconscious wishes.
• Stop, begin, attract, reject. My cycle, your cycle, the perfect circle, the ultimate destruction. I will have to perish for you to turn to spring and blossom. I am a creature built for suicide, in love with life, afraid of death the way a fish fears water. How can I make you understand all this?

• My weakness crumbles under you.The silence that I hold in takes away frowns. Push me back with the fearless conviction of unrestraint  hate, you know there is no reason for it but there is no other path than that of acceptance. Take away my imperfect birth with fiery bravery. I will happily let you subdue my ascension. Levitation was never anything more than a lost dream of the past.
  • Listening to: poets of the fall - carnival of rust
  • Reading: recreatia mare - mircea sintimbreanu
  • Playing: dead
Boink, boink. Oink, oink. Are you really a pig? Or a head banger? Do you sway on unforgettable rhythms?
          I am everything I ever said to you. And at you. But is that enough? Am I lost? Am I better? Am I all?
          You are the queen of all questions, aren't you? All dreams, just dreams. I do not ask for reality, it just comes to me. Maybe I should stop wishing for wishes.
          Give me a hug and drain my soul. You know we have thorns. Both dragon and rat.
          I think this is a list of people I knew. Why am I missing from it? Did I go away? New words. A whole dictionary. You can have it 'cause I don't like it.
          Bunnies hate me.
The end
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  • Reading: my own handwritting
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  • Playing: king's bounty for the second time.. blah
  • Eating: lots and lots of grapes
  • Drinking: from my spongebob cup :D
Thank God summer is over. I was getting so tired of the overwhelming heat. I guess I never did like summer that much.
Thank God my site is over. And by over I mean done.
Thank God that school is over. And I intend to keep it that way.
Thank God my old monitor is over. I quite like the new one.
Thank God my demons are over. I'm having so much fun discovering new ones.
Thank God Bucharest is over. Only one word to say: DUST. One word that took over everything.

Thank God I don't believe in God or I would have so many hours of "thank you" prayers to do...
  • Listening to: the verve - bitter sweet simphony
  • Reading: still Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett
  • Watching: still mbc
  • Playing: still nfs...(i know i'm a sucker for older games)
  • Drinking: dornaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Every so often I play these roles for other people. Just today I was The Busy. Too busy to do the groceries. Too consumed by my work.
And after a few hours of guilt building up I got to be The Good. The good little girl that bought prunes for grandma, and even got the less sweet ones since she's a diabetic.
Ever so often I stop and wonder when I'm going to stop.
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  • Reading: Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett
  • Watching: mbc
  • Playing: nfs...
  • Eating: grapes
  • Drinking: my brains with a straw
I am a Rat. I was never born this way but rather chose to be it.
I am a God. God of me, God of you and everything in between.
Forgive me for I have been an ignorant God.
I am a Rat. I collect emotions. Hate, Pain, Angst.
I am a God. I bring gifts. Love, Freedom, Peace.
Forgive me for I have been a miserable Rat.
I  am no longer a rat. I have stopped being a god.
I am everything in between.
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  • Reading: some boring book i can't even remember the name of
  • Watching: my new old monitor
  • Playing: dead
  • Eating: mom's b'day cake
Master of Fine Web-Art-Bits
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  • Watching: my monitor screen decomposing
  • Playing: with my sanity
My homework for today is honesty. With a big H. if I would have been honest before I should have realized I liked homework. Can't bring back time. Time was a thief. No (honesty). I was the thief. I stole seconds. (honestly I stole years but I wanted the two s-es). Surely stealing time wasn't my only lie, was it? I stole lies. I took lies and turned them into life. Long live the lie! Honestly Honesty is a creature I never met. Nor created. My next piece of art is going to be made out of honesty!
  • Listening to: bush - the chemicals between us
found an lost my twin today...
  • Listening to: a perfect circle - pet
there's a little creature inside me that eats ink...
  • Listening to: fatboy slim - praise you
:frog: "it's been 7 hours and fifteen days..." and i'm still looking for my FlyFr... well it could have been a little more than that, like my whole life for example, but that is so unimportant. what does matter is that he disappeared along with his long ears. Not that he ever existed in the first place, but where he wasn't he still isn't. and what am i supposed to do without my FlyFr..? i can't even say: "my FlyFr.. and i". and that just does it for me. so i am looking for my FlyFr... :frog:
  • Listening to: wheatus - teenage dirtbag
Hope that I crave. Hope that I fear. Hope that could give me wings when I am afraid of heights. And so the story unfolds.
Somewhere, far away from this distant world, lives a fierce angel.  With wings of ice and eyes of fire it roams the clouds. And if don't know of it's existence you should be weary of it. For it brings brimstone rain upon the souls of the immortals. And you might die.
Or even worse, survive its love. Either way there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Listening to: tool-vicarious
I bought a pen. A common pen. It worked just fine. And then as I was somewhere outside my house I saw a prettier pen. And I bought than one too. It was lovely and I used it for a long time.  And then I bought some red ink and thought about using it from time to time. So I pulled out my old common pen and filled it with red ink. And the words flew from underneath the old pen. It was so much smoother than the prettier pen. It didn't scratch the pages as the other one did. Now all of my words are written in red...
  • Listening to: adema - so fortunate
I found out that my life hates me. Well I actually knew that. But then Fishy said that I should be the one who should stop hating first. At first I didn't understand but then it hit me. Do I hate my life as much as it hates me? And maybe it hates me because I hate it. Maybe I have no right to hate my life as long as it gave me friends like Fishy who is always there for me when I need to talk...
  • Listening to: a perfect circle