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Manipulation :iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Broken dreams and broken lives
Lay onto the path to death
Even if I close my eyes
I can feel them on my breath
Everything else seems unreal
Only pen and paper reign
Might weapon forged in steel
Mighty shield to fight the pain
And the journey doesn't end
Keep on fighting till it's dark
On my search for ways to mend
I have torn my world apart
Caterpillar and then moth
I still don't know how to fly
Trough the knowledge that I've sought
I have only learned to die
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 2 0
Growing up
Should I keep looking for love
Like so many before me?
Should I open up my bed?
Is that what will set me free?
I have not done it before
Like I thought was right to do
Do I chose the right to whore
And I open into you?
Chasing dreams that are not mine
I've met purpose in my life
And before a glass of wine
I'll admit to be your wife
I am here where I was
Rediscovering the rules
I'm the effect to my cause
Turning people into wolves
Choices I have made before
Still remain as broken glass
Taking off the shoes I wore
I might put them in my past
Scour mountains for their rocks
As I'm carrying my own
Turning all of them to blocks
For the walls that I adorn
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 1 0
Fixed Parameters
My breath fogs up the world
I only see the dangers
The darkness is too cold
I'm not one of the changers
I'm always left behind
Because my soul is dragging
Is this the deal that's signed?
If so, I'm starting gagging
Mankind rejects my song
You are the drug I'm using
I won the surname Strong
It feels so much like losing
I need what I fear most
My dreams have left my pillow
Wishing I could be lost
I am a weeping willoww
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Fire breathing from within
I have left the world alone
Had my thoughts covered in sin
And my righteousness is gone
Words come out as thorny spines
Breaking skin and poking blood
By avoiding living landmines
I have built my house in mud
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 1 0
Good Night Good Luck!
Fairy dust and pixie dreams,
Happy laughter sang as hymns,
Fluffy pillow made of hope,
Here's to hoping I don't choke!
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
And now I'll let you flood, river of hatred
And you may never know what was the truth
There's nothing here to give birth to freedom
I'm left with only guilt of wasted youth
And maybe I will hide under the covers
Or even better, underneath the bed
And maybe we'll stop staring at each other
And blurt out all the things that must be said
And how I wish that you could flow trough out me
And drown the residue of things I've done,
The darker part of my imagination,
The monster that I think I have become
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Burn me up inside your fire
I'm the darkness you're the flame
If we fall inside each other
I will be the one to blame
Cast your spell of warmth upon me
I'll give hatred in return
If you choose to find your freedom
I will be the one to burn
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 1 2
My name is 9
The red of your breath has got me all tangled up
I'm trying so hard to discover all the roads on your map
My dream has succumbed under the heat of your touch
Maybe it's time to forget that the old wounds hurt so much
Because of you I now hold time in the palm of my hand
And maybe in return the broken circle will help you mend
So just keep reshaping worlds to your desire
And I'll try keeping the future from catching fire
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
The wolf and the moth
Can I call you dancing wolf? 'cause that's how you howl trough my mind…
Though I have to admit I have never seen one of your kind…
I must say that I am intrigued by the fire you breathe
And even though I might regret it I am curious as where and how you feed
The difficulty of this situation lies in the fact
That my mind and body have not reached an agreement on how to react
There is no doubt that your eyes burn me every time they pass by
And every cell of my body trembles when you let out your war cry
Still I find myself revolving around you
Like if I would spin enough times I would see inside the cobalt blue
Even my ears have begun to change
They have avidly become finely tuned sensors for your obliterating rage
My biggest fear is that I'll eventually burst out of my self built cocoon of cloth
Not such a big deal except for the fact that I am actually a moth
So you can now start to see my predicament
As soon enough your animal instincts will push you to pick up my scent
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 2 2
The two gone
The darkness inside me is made of fire  
Of red ruby stains caught on your barbed wire
The lies I once harbored have spilled out so fast     
This time there's no route of escape from the past
The darkness inside me always shines so bright
Keeping it in it's such an exhausting fight
Sometimes this dusty old exterior cracks
And shows fear behind these well-rehearsed acts
The darkness inside me is all I have left
Besides disappointment, pain and petty theft
I managed to steal all you might have become
There is no number that hurts as much as one
The darkness inside me is filled up with holes
There is now nothing left where once were two souls
I'm but a residue of what should have been
I don't know who to be other than your twin
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Gummy cats by beculetzi Gummy cats :iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Red and black
red and black
bring me back
I am deaf
you are blind
I fall off
you're unkind
red and black
bring me back
every time
you're not mine
you are cruel
I'm uncool
red and black
take me back
I am lost
I'm a ghost
red and black
brought me back
there's one thing
I regret
should have asked
to forget
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Combat suit
I don an armor full of cracks
That starts to show the soul it lacks
It used to be such melody
Back when I fought the war with me
It is engraved with such strange runes
That speak of such forgotten dunes
Of waterfalls that never fell
Of mouldy metal forged in hell
And in the chest plate there's a hole
Long time ago it hid a soul
Now there's just dirt behind the dirt
There's nothing there left to hurt
And if the wind comes back again
The air will be acid rain
The war attire will be dust
And left behind will be just rust
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0
Fear Never Ages
Dance lover
Hold down our bold new normality
Even vengeance needs evolved spirits
Void promises
Everything remembered brings rabid purity
Nothing but echoes played with real generosity
Fear never ages
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 3
Ohayou gozaimasu
It's like these dreams refuse to wake
I'm waiting for the clock to ring
The unicorn must come and take
The guitar strings and make them sing
The moon and stars are gone from sight
The sun is knocking on the glass
But maybe if I hope it might
Forget I'm here and just pass
But nothing seems to work these days
The fire burning is too cold
Where is the dude that never stays?
Just hurry up before I'm old!
:iconbeculetzi:beculetzi 0 0

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