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„– Goodbye, Bec. - Lord Loss calls softly.
- Damn you! - I shout again, throwing I after him as a challenge.
The last light flickers out and everything turns black.
Silence for a moment. Then a snicker. A growl. The sound of claws and fingers scuttling forward. I relax against the rock, resigned, not crying or begging. I want to die with dignity like a true priestess or warrior.
The sounds come closer. Hissing. Crackling. The grinding of teeth and fangs.
I lay my head against the wall. Stare up into nothingness.
Try to be strong.
Fingers touch my damaged legs. Claws and tendrils explore. Soon I'm being mauled everywhere, pinched, stroked, sliced. Their breath is both hot and cold on my face as they crowd around me. I imagine their savage jaws, twisted faces and sharpened fangs.
I tremble, then grit my teeth hard, determined not to give Lord Loss the satisfaction of crying out.
- I won’t scream - I tell myself. - I won’t! I won’t! I-
Teeth and fangs bit into my flesh, every part of me at once. Nails dig in deep, burrowing through to my guts. Hands worm inside me and pull bits of my innards out, scraping at my skin from the inside. I'm being torn apart. The pain is unbearable. I lose control. My mouth shoots open. My senses dissolve. My brain goes wild.
The last thing I hear, before madness and demons consume me, is the tunnel filling with my anguished, uncontrollable death howls.
Screams in the dark.„
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Kedvenc szereplőm a könyvsorozatban, marha jól le van írva hogyan gondolkodott és érzett minden egyes pillanatban, igazán szerethető :D Jó lett, a félrealisztikus hatás remekül illik a képhez ^^
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Igen, én is csípem. :D Bár az utolsó könyvben - spoiler -> nagyon szépen enyelegtek Vész Herceggel. xD Jó, hogy több nem történt, bár a fejemet így is látni kellett volna közben.. 0.o -> spoiler vége, bocs, nem vagyok benne 100%-ig biztos, hogy elolvastad már végig. :D és köszönöm :smooch:
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óóó ez elképesztő... :o (L)
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:cuddle: aw első komment, köszönöm :D