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A kiss

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Justin and Jessica
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Stunning! I'm in love with this pic :heart:
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:) thank you so much :)
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So cute! *O*
I love it!
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this is amazing, I love the black against the red.
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hi. i used this a preview here: [link]

hope you don't mind :)
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so expressive. Really fantastic, yeah :)
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I featured this adorable work in my journal , Take a look!:hug:
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amazing... sensual and moving!
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Gorgeous, its amazing what you did with the light. Lovely and passionate like no other!! :+fav:
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this is so amazingly amazing :]
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pretty. really pretty
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Love the Emotion & Lighting!
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Congratulations! :D Your beautiful piece has been featured here [link] in my journal! :hug: I love it very much! :) Feel free to check it out!
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this is great....i love it:)
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That's beautiful how the color shows through to make the silhouette. Red is also a passionate color and the darkness makes it even deeper too, very sensual. Like one wrote, the closing moments before the kiss. They were giving eskimo kisses though, which are sweet too.
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So's taken my own heart out of my chest....
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This has stolen my heart. ...The profiles of their faces together...his hair...her's perfection. It's so beautiful and romantic, like an oldtime movie, but in today's world. [faved]
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thankyou so much!!! that was one of my fav. comments ever, thankyou! *hugs*

and thankyou for the fave. as well

*hugs again*

btw, I love you're stain glass picture, the colors are wonderful
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:hug: Aww thanks! That means so much to me. Really...I'm so glad to get comments!
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heheh mee too

yes really! I love colors, and the ones in that picture are glowing! that makes them even better
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