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BeckyRomero's Profile Picture
Becky Romero
United States
Female, 32, Midwest, U.S.

Single; in a relationship. Hetrosexual. University graduate. Height: 5' 8", Weight: 114. Measurements: 34C-24-35. Hair: brown

Sign: Virgo. Religion: Christian. Drinks: rarely. Smokes: no. Drugs: hell no. Politics: liberal to moderate. Siblings: two brothers. Living situation: with roommates/friends.

Guys that like me describe me as cheerful, friendly, humorous and full of life. Guys that hate me usually use the 'B', 'C' and 'S' words.

My Pet Peeves:
-sexist pigs who think they are God's gift to women
-guys who are control freaks
-school corporal punishment
-Internet stalkers

Most Embarrassing Ordeal in My Life:
-Dealing with having my nude pics passed around my high school during my senior year when I was 18.

Most Shameful Moments in My Life:
... Because of what he perceived to be my 'impertinent' attitude, arguing, disrespect, sassing back, poor behavior, mediocre grades, wearing clothing or swimwear deemed too tight or too revealing, often breaking curfew and engaging in quite a lot of shall I just call it 'extracurricular activity' with numerous boyfriends, my stepdad started to spank me when I was 16 - and he did so on my completely exposed bare-bottom!

... I was then regularly spanked that way regardless of whom was present - including my brothers, extended family, neighbors or guests. It was especially quite humbling for me when boys who were several or more years younger than me - including relatives, friends of my younger brother and some of whom I routinely babysat - were present to witness me being bared (often from head to toe) and then soundly spanked.

... While I absolutely hated it, from my personal experiences I cannot in the slightest dispute the assertion that no punishment is more effective to give to an impertinent, bratty, disrespectful, thinks she 'knows-it-all' teenage girl than to quickly reduce her to the modesty-is-irrelevant status of a totally bared, soundly spanked, crying and very quite ashamed of herself preschooler in front of others!

... Being reduced to a bare, crying, jiggling spectacle in front of whoever was around sure didn't make feel like I was a high school student with a driver's license but more like a girl still in pre-school who had no need for her modesty to be respected.

My Feelings About Corporal Punishment:
Now that the pain and shame of the spankings I received as a teenager is a decade old, I do have to concede that my stepdad had a legal right to spank me. I'll even concede he was within his legal rights when he bared my bottom to spank me, even in front of others.

But that doesn't mean it was morally right or that I deserved those humiliating spankings (although, granted, most pro-spanking parents would disagree with me and say I did deserve many of them). I've also tempered my views about parents who spank their kids. I am not in favor of outlawing spankings, not even bare bottoms for teens.

Which to, bottom-line it so to speak, means (once I managed to wrap my head around it all years later) my panties would have still been hitting the floor as a teenager even if I had a different pro-spank step-dad/dad. Therefore my admittedly weak argument that I didn't deserve to be spanked while acknowledging the legality of spanking by parents is one that nearly all pro-spank parents would simply laugh at.

Nonetheless, I do think that the laws regarding physical and mental abuse need to be better defined to protect kids and that school corporal punishment should be abolished outright or at least ban paddling and only permit spanking by school officials with the bare-hand (giving officials and teachers a legally-permitted opt-out if they'd prefer not to spank kids).

Most Embarrassing Admission
... That even today as an adult woman in my 20s, the most effective way to quickly 'curb' my 'attitude' and 'put me in my place' is for me to be yanked over someone's lap, have my panties lowered completely and be given a firm, several-minute long, bare bottom spanking in front of whomever is present.

... I have found (and all too often, I might add) it quite difficult, once back on my feet, to return to and regain my usual mouthy, sarcastic, impertinent, self-righteous attitude once I've been thoroughly humbled that way in front of a roomful of snickering acquaintances or total strangers.

Inspirational People
... My Family
... My friends
... Hillary Clinton
... Courageous Women in Afghanistan
... The U.S. Military

Favorite Quotations
"Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude."
- by my friend, Elizabeth McNally

"You let her go, or I'm gonna splatter your ugly face all over this nice car."
- Louise (Susan Sarandon), in Thelma & Louise

About My Artwork and Literature:
My artwork and stories generally features me reminiscing about my actual life experiences.


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Becky might appreciate my loving thank-you to ENFs and the suffering they must unwillingly go through to give visual pleasure to men like me:… Also, at the risk of sounding vaguely preachy, just be glad that you have boobs to be embarrassed about when they show. Someone showed me this touching picture which seems to be taken at the National Capital:…
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