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May 23, 2023
Amur Leopard - Yawn of Danger by BeckyKidus
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Amur Leopard - Yawn of Danger


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It's FebROARy, and I wanted to draw close-up fluff. Add in fancy lighting, teeth, and an unusual angle, and you have the perfect fun piece :la: Also, it's been surprisingly long since I drew something in a horizontal format.

While simple, I think this is my personal favorite piece of all the ones I've done in the last three months :la: (Imagine that - for once, I like a piece rather than complain about it :lol:)

Want a drawing like this? My commissions are open: Commission info

Prints, pillowcases, phone covers, notebooks, etc. can be found on my Redbubble store:…

Reference photo by Tony Hisgett on flickr:…

Colored pencil on black paper, A4, 7 hours.

Please do not repost, claim as your own or use in any way without my permission.

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amazing work, I really enjoi the colours and details in your work. Nice to find someone who is really good with coloured pencils. So much to learn from your work.