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i forgot to note but pweas no sexual art of him and also u can get creative with clothes and props and stuff

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I love the creative use of windows ^u^
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I love how creative this is!!!!!
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A VERY GOOD AND CLASSIC BOY!! i love this desgin so much omg hes so good?
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i know a ton of people have already commented on this but i LOVE how creative this style of ref is.... i don't think i've ever seen something in this format?
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its okay!!  i appreciate it regardless. it means so much to me :D i tried really hard ot make it look good so im rlly glad that you think so :arc: :heart:
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really cute ref!! I love the layout so muuch! Excellent use of the windows, it's not too busy, clear and easy to read!
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thank you!! im really happy that you said that. when this idea came to me i was worried it would be too messy and cluttered, but im happy its not!
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this is amazing :heart: 
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thank u juno!!!!!! :heart: :arc:
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this is SOOO cute!!! i love him you made a wonderful refsheet!
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THANK U!!!!!!!!! i like yr ref sheets n character design a lot so it means alot :D
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My gosh my GOSH your app sheet aesthetic is really the best. I LOVE how this looks & I always love Beckpup's design what a gift
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THANK U TURK!!!!!! YOU! ARE A GIFT. im happy u like it!!
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I really love his design!!
Such a creative and colorful character u∇u
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thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He loves u =3!
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this is so creative and neat!!! i love this layout, you have such a great character!!
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thank u!!! i appreciate it very much :D im happy you think so
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i really like this reff sheet layout
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thank you !!! i spent a lot of time on it omg
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