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Eldar: Farseer

well as promised CWEldar ^_^
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Love it! There is hardly any Eldar artwork out there that captures their spirit and presence like this. Hoping for more Craftworld Eldar works from you!

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looking fookin cool man
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Great work! love the painted feel
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I like the way you make the characters blend with the background colors in your pieces, its a nice and unique touch, good work!
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This art is too good it is almost count as Heresy! :D I love this! <3 
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This is amazing, the guy has incredible presence! I hope to see more of your takes on the Craftworld Eldar.
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Oh! After a long break here you are, and with a 'straight' Eldar! Nice, I hope more of your artwork is coming soon? =D
Maestitia-Relictus's avatar
The symetry of the head is marvelous.
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So colourful! Rainbow Farseer <3
TheEldarFarseer's avatar
Oh man, you surely know how to come back with style! <3
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he looks wonderful!
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Gorgeous. Just for you to know, i follow numerous artist on the topic of Wh40k, but you're without any doubt the "Eldar master".
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It's been a while since we've seen new artworks and I sure am glad you're back :nod:
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Ooooh! Oh gods this is stunning! The colours as always are epic!  The elder looks brilliant and the lighting on the wep! :squee:
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*Bashes the :+fav:* Sir Beckjann may the gods smile upon thee for this marvelous work.
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If I was an imperial guardsman and I was ordered to attack this ^ guy,
I'd hesitate a second out of fear
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Excellent work!  Both aesthetically pleasing and the stance sends a source of unbending will to the enemy the Farseer may be facing.  Nice glow effect to the singing spear as well. :clap:
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So beautiful and also mysterious, well done my friend!
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Thank you so much Alex ^_^
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Aesthetically gorgeous, just as they should look :heart:
Excellent work :)
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