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Dark Eldar x Craftworld Eldar: Harlequin

"The Harlequins, or Rillietann, are a unique subset of the Eldar race, who split their time between being talented battlefield fighters and theatrical performers. They exist outside of normal Eldar society and hold no allegiance to any Kabal, Craftworld, or other form of authority other than to their own belief in the Eldar deity Cegorah the Laughing God" ~ Lexicanum
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Jan 26, 2013, 4:31:56 PM
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alithking's avatar
Yes, this is a good harlequin art work dude, congratulations.
DarkStatic's avatar
Awesome harlequin art; love the casual pose there.
You gallery is simply amazing.
Great works, and thanks for sharing. =)
PandemicalShade's avatar
It's difficult to a strike a fine balance between SCI-FI and CARNIVAL when creating Eldar-Harlequin designs: You, however, perfectly nailed it with this one!
jeroenbrugman's avatar
Still my favorite faction of Eldar.
MadMonty13's avatar
This is fucking awesome! You do the protectors of the Black Library proud. I'd love to see your version of a Solitaire, or maybe even an entire troupe during their act. 
Snazzy outfit too. I always pictured the Harlequins appearance as being a mix of atypical elfiness, traditional clowns and jesters, and extravagance. :thumbsup: x2
thevampiredio's avatar
i have come to dance the dance of death. :D 
Docile-Dragon's avatar
Loooove the mask! Equal parts scary and beautiful as it should be. :)
Beckjann's avatar
aww thank you Alex!
Docile-Dragon's avatar
Anytime my friend, I love seeing you work Whenever I can :)
Noldofinve's avatar
Ух! Пробуешь новый стиль?
Beckjann's avatar
Спасиб... да нет, все на месте топчусь если честно. :)
Noldofinve's avatar
Мож попробуй кисти с закосом под акварель, мм? 
RouletteDantes's avatar
I love that you kept the stripey look, but toned it down so it's less... technicolor dream coat, like most of the Harlequin miniatures I've seen.
bluedragoneye's avatar
fabulously done awesome feeling in their face
Beckjann's avatar
thank you Blue!!! :)
bluedragoneye's avatar
you are so very welcome :)
Cyberdream's avatar
hurray! i've been missing your works))
Beckjann's avatar
hehe :) Thank you so much, i love your new cosplay by the way!!!
nilscaio's avatar
very cool , love the colors 
Beckjann's avatar
Merci beaucoup! :)
RogueFinn's avatar
Nice job, damn those eyes are creepy tho'

I love it! :D
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