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Dark Eldar: Wych 3

Wych Cults are similar to the Kabals of the Dark Eldar, in that they originated from the Pleasure Cults of the pre-Fall Eldar. While Kabals evolved to be a collective of Dark Eldar claiming territory and cooperating with each other to collect souls and thus stave off death, Wych Cults evolved to further their skills in combat.

A Wych Cult member is obsessed with honing their skills in hand to hand combat, and once they are sufficiently competent with Wych Weapons, they may choose to train in the use of Hellion Skyboards and Reaver Jetbikes. The fighters of a Cult train constantly with each other, and they are expected to kill their opponents if possible. In this way, the weakest members are very quickly weeded out, producing only the best warriors with which to represent the Cult.

Wych Cults don't usually have large enough numbers to perform their own raids, so they work as mercenaries for Kabals, lending them their strength in exchange for slaves, the currency of Commorragh. The coliseum puts on fights regularly as an exhibition of their talents, pitting Wyches against each other as well as groups of slaves, or even fearsome alien beasts collected during raids. In this way, they are able to advertise their skills to Kabals, and bring in more work.
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absolutely the most stunning dark eldar picture, the de facto for me. Just had a huge poster made so I can put this in a picture frame lol./
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My favorite artwork of yours! I hope I will be able to paint like you sooon. : )
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Wow, that looks pretty cool, great work :) !
an endless supply of cold, hateful cruelty in one look
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Amazing picture :O, love the details and the dark, dusty style !
bluedragoneye's avatar
your work is always outstanding and amazes me I know your talent will take you far
pinkuz's avatar
That face! The emotion and and contempt. Very well done.
Lordofthememes's avatar
dark eldar=sadistic emos in space
Eledhwen-Arts's avatar
I love how he looks ! Wonderful character *_* ! :heart:
Ragnarok6664's avatar
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i love dark eldar fluff and their gameplay on the table. and fiiiinally a "not gay looking" dark eldar. the next time i read a novel i'm gonna have cool faces like this in mind.thank you very much. this is what they should look like! awesome!
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He has spikes coming out of his head. O.O
Tis awesome work!
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I Love this! UU
Kabalite2's avatar
i love how you accomplished the intimidating, evil, murderous expression.
Damantha's avatar
Love every bit of it!
Thanatus-kun's avatar
Gotta give it to the Eldar, he has nice hair.
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Not sure if he or she, but that is damn sexy anyways. :iconclappingplz:
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Thank you!!! and it's HE :)
XaiHellion's avatar
Amazing regardless, scarred up DE women tend to look like the men, and considering that, they still hold on to the ability of being seductive and scary at the same time. You're really good at drawing Eldar I'll say that much :D. Good luck!
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oh is awesome,I like the beautiful xenos
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Thank you!!! ^^
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