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Dark Eldar: What a Wych

 in Pendleton "Pen" Ward style.
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Nov 16, 2013, 1:39:23 AM
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Welcome to the dark eldar nooby! *Smack*
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It's probably his sister.
Incest is the best, put your sister to the test!
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This is cwhaziee! :-)
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Lol! Great picture!
torture time
c’mon grab your slaves
we’ll go and pirate
distant worlds
with jake the beast
and fin the trueborn 
the pain will never end
it’s torture timee~
The picture made my nite. This made my week.
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"Torture Time"
"Rape Time"
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Considering the DE, aren't they the same thing???
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yeah pretty much.:D
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i love it !i!
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Wow! Best part is that you can even see that thing appearing in a Bravest Warriors or Adventure Time episode!
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lmao, knowing dark eldar the kabalite warrior probably has a boner right now.
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LOL! You are so wrong for that. XD
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"Adventure" time.
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awwwr so cute **
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Torture Time, come on grab your minions, we'll go to very distant worlds.


With Jake the Beast, and Finn the Beast Master, the war will never end, it's Torture Time!

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super awesome!!! Love it!!! hahaha
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