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Dark Eldar: We Are Pain 4

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Jul 6, 2014, 7:31:45 PM
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Please keep this up.  You seem to be the only person who puts out GREAT Dark Eldar art.  Words alone can not express how awesome it is to see new Dark Eldar art.  I joined Deviant Art just so I could follow you.
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омг какие все красавчики
и что самое крутое,у тебя всегда получается потрясный взгляд их черных глаз
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These sketches creep me out... in a good way!
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Just goes to show that you don't need fancy brushes or effects to paint well in Photoshop. Excellent work my friend! :)
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Interesting use of brush styles here!  It gives a type of ethereal effect with just enough color to show through the greys.  I have to admit the bottom left haemon looking face is pretty disturbing!  The male top right is my fav one ^_^
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Wonderful! It looks completely like a real painting, the faces are incredibly life-like...
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I totally love the way you draw Dark Eldars ; even if didn't know Wh40K, I would immediatly understand that Dark Eldars are not the good guys, especially by looking at the bottom left picture. These blue and black eyes remind me Marilyn Manson, and it's verry disturbing x_x. Anyway, that's a verry good piece of art as far as I can say. I guess you worked hard to reach that level !
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i love the brush work on these
i really need to practice this sort of painting style digitally
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it's really fun, i used standard brushes this time. :) Put opacity on 70-75% and Flow on 53-56%.
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awesome! i'll give that a go!
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