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Dark Eldar Sybarite

By Beckjann
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The strongest, most ruthless member of a squad is granted this title by killing the competition by any means necessary, as is the Dark Eldar way. Sybarite is still a fairly low ranking member of a Kabal, and the title really serves little purpose apart from creating rivalry within the Warrior squad and giving the new Sybarite a higher ranking position to strive for.
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Jan 9, 2010, 9:57:18 PM
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Nice work, the blue background gives it a nice eerie feeling.
DARTHTURDER12's avatar
death to the hertic
YunaHeartilly's avatar
Absolutely wonderful!
savagehenry89's avatar
very nice, cool look
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I kinda hate that he keeps a Tau skull on his back like it means something. In my opinion, at least in 40k Tau are harmless.
They're just too naive...

But on the other hand, maybe this guy killed an Ethereal.
In that case, all the respect for him!
Ethereals are manipulative little cunts...

Great atmosphere, by the way!
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Another nice piece of work, <3 DE
ncux4o4's avatar
Просто супер :aww:
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If there was a Dark Eldar contest I'd vote for you. No, really I'd do it =)
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Appreciate it!!! Thank you so much!!! :)
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Can't help it, my comment is needed here, even if only to stick my username here :)
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блин,адски доставляет колорит)) и таусятская черепушка...разнесли добро в щепки)
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outstanding :)
BrotherOstavia's avatar
Awesome as ever. Love the tau skull. :)
Coillscath's avatar
You do gorgeous work on the Dark Eldar. I'm sure Jes Goodwin would be impressed.
This is a very nice piece of art, I assume you also drew this by hand and then digitally coloured it, correct? I like the skull on the back, which I assume is a Tau skull, but am unsure.
Cool, Awesome pic!
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Nice one bud :) Very broody heh
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