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Dark Eldar: Supreme Tyrant

Asdrubael Vect - undisputed ruler of the Dark City.

Inspired by John Blanche (Father of Warhammer Universe)
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Jul 4, 2012, 3:04:24 PM
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jetblackraider's avatar
One of my favourite Warhammer 40k Fanarts ever. The energy is so good
In a force far from favour of GeeDubs, your drawings are an excellent source of inspirations for us.
Hadror's avatar
Wait a second. I just discovered that all the dark eldar drawings I love were all made by the same person, which is you.

Prince-of-Erebus's avatar
That is so Blanche, baby!
666Fenrir's avatar
This is amazing art!
Amazing artwork! Vect certainly looks grand enough to be the Supreme Tyrant.

reminds me of Malekith...
Daitou's avatar
Like all the work I've seen from you, this is fantastic, and it handily beats the official images for Vect.  The elf looks spectacularly graceful and menacing.
Bluekite-Falls's avatar
this is so beautiful, the details enough to make me cry! (not in a bad way)
gosh you inspire me to draw more of my dark eldar kabal <3
this pic actually made me think of Kay Neilson, one of my favourite illustrators, its the flow of it and the poise, elegant!
your dark eldar pictures actually make my heart flutter!
Ulrick-Kessler42's avatar
This is truly amazing work, the detailing alone is gorgeous to look over. The presentation is absolute in the palpable menace the figure exudes and that beautiful sense of 'dark majesty' draws my attention to the outline first then continues to grow as more detail becomes apparent. It fits that quote I love of the Dark Eldar perfectly; "They are not your worst nightmare, they are your every nightmare." 
shika88's avatar
I like it. It looks a bit like John Blanche.... really like it! Keep them coming...
Mike-Le-Pearce's avatar
bloody marvellous :)
This just needs a scribbled gothic inscription along a margin. Indeed has the same regal and elegant deadliness as many of John's characters.
I love Your Dark Eldar Artwork :) but this piece is my favorite.
metalmiku's avatar
Wow...He seems to be quite a elegant man.
pacefactor's avatar
I LOVE IT. you captured his style so well.
Mathardent's avatar
Goddammit yes! I love Blanche's work, and it's as good as it gets.
Dragonshad's avatar
Incredible work, a testament to DE players and admirers everywhere. However, now I have to find a way to convert my Archon to look like this.
Technorakel's avatar
Oh boy, I wish I had seen that one earlier. How'd you make the texture effects on the background?
I also really like the color palette. How do you choose them, usually?
DesireeNavarro's avatar
Good good work! again! ;)
AzraelSkyle's avatar
Oh my this is very interesting, and very scary at the same time D: I surely don't want to be where he is pointing at.

This is anyway one of the best 40k painting I have seen more week, I look forward to seeing more of these :)
CystalBorn's avatar
Is Vect wearing the hide of a hive tyrant?
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