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Dark Eldar: Solarite

A scourge squad leader - Solarite
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TheChosen1GroxPL's avatar
Awesome and epic as always :3
Panzerpenguin's avatar
The look of pure menace on his face is sublime.
Angle-of-dark's avatar
Very dark, Very evil, Very sexy Love 
jadedbabyblues's avatar
He is very beautiful in a dark, sinister and scary way...I love this!!!
Brittle-Reality's avatar
I'm painting some of these up at the moment, I love this picture. His face is full of contempt, it's amazing how well you've captured it. Shame the bare head on the model kit doesn't look more like this.
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
Is it a solitaire? Or something else?
ShaylyDauron's avatar
I love this so very much! So beautiful and deadly!
Смотрю и наглядеться не могу... Так сильно цепляет этот рисунок. Дорогой художник, вы - гений, вы знаете об этом?
ChaplainDA's avatar
I just finished my own scourges and you, good sir, give a good reason to want to make more.
sejason's avatar
Another masterpiece ...
Although I prefer the cleaner looks of the pictures you made earlier, this one is capturing what I think of Dark Eldar really well!
MaKo85's avatar
Badass mofo~
Froggmann49's avatar
Very nice, I like the added detail to the hands, more in line with their bird-like features.
Shinobi-Raist's avatar
I like the bat-like webbed wings for the Solarites myself--so awesome depiction! I also think a half and half of the wings of higher ranking Scourges would be neat as well. (half feathered and half webbed in hide) The rune is a nice touch as well tattooed into the thin hide. Splendid job as always, lovely. :hug:
skincoffin's avatar
where have you been mate?haha ;)
great job! looks like he managed the bone drilling pretty well :D
rohansoldier's avatar
another amazing piece of work beckjann. Slightly disturbing and creepy, but then it wouldn't be dark eldar if it wasn't!!
Daeouse's avatar
Sinister and oh-so-cool!
daplopp's avatar
beautiful. love how you show sides of the dark eldar we wouldn't normally see. loving your work, GW should hire you.
abrahell's avatar
Oh my god,just awesome. i love scourge.
Hellequine-d-Olt's avatar
the pose, the face, the angle (point of view stuff) : one other piece of pure dark beauty ! could never grow tired of it
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The operations the Scourge go through to become airborne still freaks me out. Looking great, though!
Ammeg88's avatar
Ah another beautifully stunning piece of art work ^^ I love your Dark Eldar and this is everything I love about them ^^
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