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Dark Eldar: Shyntafae

Commission for :iconshinobi-raist:

Design of Special Character - Shyntafae, Succubus of Cult of the Abyssal Moon. (c) :iconshinobi-raist:

last update April-26-11
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Apr 25, 2011, 8:09:10 PM
© 2011 - 2021 Beckjann
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Damn, I wanna do her. I don't care if Slaanesh knows. She can look for all I care!
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Her hip is too broad, her breast too small, (but the picture well done)
Hedkrakka's avatar
Ah, Dark Eldar. Were it not for the Sisters of Battle, you and the Slaaneshi cultist might have turned me away from the Emperor years ago.
Brittle-Reality's avatar
She looks so sinister yet alluring. You've captured how she should look perfectly. She looks dangerous, yet totally casual in her posture.
daftpunky's avatar
You are really great at getting these Ladies done spot on. Well done again!
TehR34lSlimSh4dy's avatar
This is very well drawn. I love how she actually looks strong. She has clearly defined muscles, a solid frame.. She actually looks like a warrior. Really sets her apart from the anorexic Dark Eldar so many people like to draw. :)
AspiringShadowseer's avatar
I agree with what you said about the clearly defined muscles and her appearance as a warrior. But I can't say that there are many Anorexic Dark Eldar out there in the art world. You could be confusing their small and slender frame work as human like anorexic features. Which by the way, anorexia doesn't show very much physically.
TehR34lSlimSh4dy's avatar
'Twas hyperbole, not a medical diagnosis. ^^
AspiringShadowseer's avatar
Eh. I was messing with ya. It's my thing. Especially since I think I lost some of my marbles.
poseiodn12's avatar
Very beautiful but still she is very deadly. where you get the names from? And very nice work.
skincoffin's avatar
I like the I'm-sexy-but-lethal look.
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Reminds me of Lelith...
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Вот! Такая суккуба должна была быть в кодексе -)))
NachoMon's avatar
Spectacular! Love the pose and expression! :)
Beckjann's avatar
Your words mean a lot to me and make me really really happy!!!
Thank you so much!!!
MetalWan's avatar
She looks like a Gerald Brom elf, I really like that !
Yunaris's avatar
I adore this piece, the tattoo is excellent.
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